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Film Fridays 70 – Best Power Tool Ad EVER

It’s another pulse pounding music video to a song that I used to have stuck in my head on a regular basis.
(that means some of you are going to want to watch it with the sound off – don’t come whining to me about the music)

Hardware and nearly naked ladies – the jokes practically write themselves!

19 comments to Film Fridays 70 – Best Power Tool Ad EVER

  • exile

    this sounds like Stephen Hawkings talk’n dirty

    (btw, i so nominated you on my blog)

  • Anonymous

    In Australia they took the soundtrack to that and made a beer commercial out of it. That too is a piece of work! (I’ll see if I can find it)

  • Anonymous

    ps a bit of trivia – Stephen Hawking did lend his vocals to a song once, called “We are connected” by Jondi & Spesh.

    There ya go…

    But not to Satisfaction by Benny Benasi.

  • Mike Stewart

    First time in my life I ever got a hard on looking at power tools although at my age I have to take my boners where I can find them. I’d sure like to “drill” those babes!

  • Anonymous

    As promised, the beer commercial:

  • Shay

    exile – I had no idea you had a robot voice fetish ^_~

    Anon – haha! that beer commercial is hilarious! Thanks!

    Mike – I’m sure you would.

  • Cayman J

    I knew I should have watched it with the sound off. Everytime i hear that sound it gets stuck in my head. Now all I need to do is find a few contractors that look like that.

  • horny guy

    its a great song.

    sounds even better live. I’ve seen Benny Benassi live before when he was in LA.

  • Anonymous

    You must really have issues to go around bad mouthing people on other blogs.

    You are not welcome at any of our blogs-so don’t come back.

  • Ang

    A friend showed me this video a few months ago – how great is that? One of the first Benny Benassi songs on my iPod was this one… of course, he takes up half my iTunes library… so great for the OhmiBod.

  • exile

    shay- domo air-re-got-toe baby!

  • Shay

    CayJ – okay

    HG – Cool, so he does a great live show? Does he bring the girls?

    Anon – Well, I guess I do take issue with people STEALING MY ORIGINAL CONTENT, too bad that offends you in some way.

    Ang – Oh yeah! That stuff would be great hooked up to a vibe! I should try him with my iBuzz.

  • Shay

    exile – ^_~

  • Dirty Filthy Princess

    First, that was the greatest EVER! I so have to show husband when he comes home.

    Second, someone stole your stuff? That is so crazy WRONG. And they badmouth you for telling them not to? And they don’t even have the guts to identify themselves? You tell them Shay. I couldn’t imagine this comment was about sweet Shay but I get it now…

  • Strumpet

    Anon…what a tool.

  • Warren

    Did anyone notice that the “I like girls” video posted awhile back has a nod to this video in it?

  • Shay

    DFP – Thanks doll you rock; you guys are my last line of defense against post thieves!

    Strumpet – totally ^_~

    Warren – well… I think “I like girls” may have come first, but I’d have to look that up and I’m too lazy.

  • RogerD

    I don’t know if those girls are any good at building, but they sure are good at erecting things.

  • Maikeru

    Actually Stephen Hawking lent his voice to Pink Floyd in their song “Keep Talking” from their “Division Bell” album. He didn’t sing however, just did a bit of spoken word. So technically it predates the Jondi & Spesh song by a few years.

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