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Cockblogging Wednesday 60

It’s a CBW Three-Way!
Three cocks for the price of one!
(click images to see uncensored versions)

First up we have M with some fancy rope tricks:
Next up it’s hooded Aussie:
And last but not least it’s the Pervert:

9 comments to Cockblogging Wednesday 60

  • Gadfly

    OK geepsie!

    You will give me your tears.


  • Greenwoman

    Usually…well usually, I feel skinny and sexy while gazing upon a nice hard cock…but these pics make me feeling like I’ll gain weight just looking…never mind partaking.


  • tkkerouac

    Love that pink eclair
    would go great on the blog,ox

  • Strumpet

    How come they don’t have doughnuts like these at my local shop?

  • AlwaysArousedGirl


  • Res

    I am just lovin’ the hell out of your creativity!

    ~~I want to send you my cock just to see what you’ll come up with as a cover.~~

    God love ya, naughty Shay!

    xx,Res. (my word verification was:

    “mukdawk” ~~LMAO!

  • jules

    Yum, yum and yum!

  • Beth

    I need to sit on top of that third one. RIGHT NOW!!!

  • tkkerouac

    Hi Shay
    Momtheminx was sent a couple of cocks and these guys wanted to know if I would be a part of Cockblogging.
    I’m wondering if I should do it
    can you please advise under my dirtyScott post.
    this pink eclair would look awesome on the blog
    It would be a great start, just a thought and I could link your blogname under it. What do you think?
    I do receive a lot of traffic.
    Please give me your opinions

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