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S Spot Contest – Banner Me Up Baby!

Some of you may have noticed that I have a small set of sweet banners rotating through to top of my blog
but you know what?
I want more!
and I want YOU to help!

Now’s your chance to show off your creativity and your S Spot love while actually having a chance to leave your mark on the site – It’s the S Spot “Banner Me Up Baby” contest!

Create a sexy S Spot banner, e-mail it to me ([email protected]), and a team of judges will pick the best/hottest/cleverest/etc!
If yours is chosen, not only will you experience the unbridled joy and pride of seeing your banner appear on The S Spot, but you will have your choice of a fabulous prize: either a vibrating cockring or a finger mounted mini vibe (generously provided by the good folks at LoveHoney).

1. The banner should be the same dimensions as the ones I already use (~ 780 x 185)
2. Nothing illegal should be portrayed on the banner.
3. The banner can have any text you decide on, but should still bear “shay’s The S Spot” somewhere.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

4 comments to S Spot Contest – Banner Me Up Baby!

  • ArtfulDodger

    I think that is an awesome idea Shay and I hope you get tons of entries. In the spirit of fairness however, I will not participate, even though that finger vibrator sounds pretty cool. :)

  • Cain

    What! No Pizza?


  • exile

    my question is… just what do you concider illegal?

    i lack definition, also, when does it end?

  • Shay

    Art – ahh you’re so noble, my masthead master. ^_~

    Cain – well, I think a slice of pizza would just grease up the envelope, ick

    exile – oh you know, the usual, underage stuff, animals, etc. Good question: it ends when I say it does (probably in a few weeks). ^_~

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