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Film Fridays 63 – Casual Friday

Sure we might not get as much work done on Fridays, but at least everyone would feel happier and more relaxed about their job. ^_^
Besides, penetrative sex is the best thing before giving a presentation - it makes you feel less nervous.Thus it should be encouraged in the workplace, where people have to face stressful situations all the time!

4 comments to Film Fridays 63 – Casual Friday

  • Cayman J

    Maybe I should move across the state and get a job there.

  • Jim

    Not to mention the benefits for the health of your colon . . .


  • Sabine

    DId make me giggle when I think how much of my brain is thinking about sex as I work, and I know I’m not alone. Kind of like a truth serum video of what really could happen at work

  • Loving Annie

    Oh Gosh Shay, that was hysterical !!!! I definitely want to work there !!!!
    Hope you have good weekend !

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