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Beach Feet HNT

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I called a cease fire with my war on winter two weeks ago
the weather was nice, in the plus degrees (celsius), the sun was shinning
it was lovely, spring felt on the way
And then suddenly
Snow and Ice storm!
winter broke the cease fire and actually gave us a day and a half off school due to dangerous weather conditions!

Sure breaks are nice, but it’s March now, time for this snow to start melting!

So I’m fighting back with my summer short shorts and sandals!
Take THAT snow drifts and winter boots!

11 comments to Beach Feet HNT

  • jsull28fl@yaho

    nice wheels Shay!
    looking like a champ.

  • April

    I’m doing the same thing over here…wearing capris & sandals today! :)

  • ArtfulDodger

    Now that is a salvo that Winter cannot ignore and may never recover from! Thanks for fighting this battle Shay, we appreciate it, we need Spring!! Sweet as always beautiful. :)

  • Gadfly

    I’d love to know what was going through you mind while you wandered around in your “quick access” shorts, showing off your shapely legs :o)

  • Loving Annie

    Happy Thursday, Shay ! Hope the shorts/flip-flops convince that storms to stay away and let you enjoy some more sunshine !

  • JUnderCovers

    Yeah man, what the hell! I was all set to break out my golf clubs last weekend, and then this week has been the coldest all year! We just bought heated beds for the dogs!!

    Lovely legs, as always, Miss Shay. :)

  • Iris Caldor

    Aww! Cute shorts, pretty legs. ^.^

    Looks like I’m not going to be able to wear much either. Babydolls and cargo pants of a lighter shade for me.

  • Stealth

    I love looking at yer shapely lil legs hot thang!

  • ~A-Lo~

    Soft, smooth legs…gee Shay, do you have any flaws- you sure know how to make a girl jealous!

  • Kyma

    Wow, nice legs…

  • Semi-Celibate Man

    Yowza, nice legs there young lady! You’re transporting me to the beach here, thank you. HHNT

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