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Happy Birthday S Spot (part 4)

A few of my lovely readers weren’t feeling artistically inclined, instead they sent me their beautiful words:

Dave “You can see how much you’ve become comfortable in your own skin. In your first articles you were still unsure about your sense of humor and the material. But now, your writing has become so much more sophisticated, and characteristic. Your writing flows very naturally, and your good humor is embedded in all of it, and it’s very disarming (and endearing!)

Pyrhonik, “To my mind a 2nd anniversary is such a rarity. It doesn’t make you seem like a bizarre needy hermit that only lives in the cyber world. You are one of the few who has bridged the two via the column that you write in the real world – you are a blog that I treasure.
And because sexuality is a human quality that comprises all of our “selves”: emotional, spiritual, mental, physical. The topics and tangents are endless.
At the two year point I wonder a couple of things for you. Are you tired of it? How many more years do you think are in this ride? Is there any regrets so far? Is there anything on the horizon that you are looking forward to?

Jim “I skulked around for a while before I actually contacted you [way back in April 05 I think]. I have a vague recollection of asking you if any of your anime pics looked like you – trying to get an idea of what you looked like. Now, it seems so silly . . . I’ve always been much more drawn to your personality, and the way you write about things, than about your appearance . . . even though I think you’re incredibly gorgeous and sexy . . . it’s the grey matter between your ears that makes you adorable, for me . . . ;-) That’s the most memorable thing about your blog, for me . . . how well you translate your energy, and your sense of fun . . . your love of life, and all things sexy . . . makes it so much fun to read!

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