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Freckled HNT

This is another photo in my on-going “I’m Bored With Winter” series.
Maybe I’ll feel differently once I get my skis back, but for now I’m just sick of the cold, and the clothes, and the wind, and the messiness of winter.

So, I’m going to engage in a little HNT denial of winter with a picture taken this past summer:

Yes, can’t you just feel the warmth already?!

Speaking of warmth, I sure hope you haven’t forgotten that Friday (tomorrow) is my 2 year blogaversary – that’s like 10 years in blog years!
If you’re interested in sending in some fun commemorative graphics, a pic, a poem, or anything neat like that to help with the festivities I’d love for you to send it sometime before daybreak on Friday.

Even if you can’t/won’t send anything in, I hope you will still stop by tomorrow to say “hi” – especially my lurkers – I’d love to hear from you!

20 comments to Freckled HNT

  • exile

    your shoulder is missing something


    i know, bite marks!


  • Angela

    I’d love to send you something for your bloggerversary, but as I forgot my own a few months back (have I really been here more than 2 years???) and I seem to have thrown out my back again, no wondrous inspiration is coming to me. Sorry ’bout that. But I love you and can’t imagine life without you just the same. Love and coconuts!!!

  • Pandora

    Oh such kissable shoulders! HHNT

  • rupert

    Hi Shay,

    merry blogaversary, I can’t think if it is Friday today or not, I don’t think it is, well, merry times for Friday when it does arrive …

    xoxo rups

  • 20SomethingGirl

    I think that shoulders are extremely sexy – especially yours! :)

    Happy blogaversary for tomorrow Shay, I look forward to the next two years! :)



  • Cayman J

    Long live Shay’s defiance of winter.

  • Madame X

    Those are very beautiful sun kissed shoulders.

    We both must bave started blogging at the same time!
    Happy Bloggerversary!

  • Supercock

    Very very sexy, so kissable, bitable..yummy

  • Strumpet

    …like ten years in blog years…

    That is only too awesome.

    You are so hot…and so are your shoulders…and your freckles.

    Happy Anniversary.

  • Jim

    Very nice . . . and you seem to tan well, for such a fair lass.

    A very happy blogiversary to you, Shay. Here’s to many more years of helpful reviews, tidbits of info, and great HNTs . . .


  • Jim

    Oooo, and the anime . . . can’t forget the anime!


  • ArtfulDodger

    well you have my bloggerversary gift already, so I’ll just give that sweet shay shoulder a nice kiss and then sit here for the next several hours staring at it… ahhh, summer, where are you?

  • padme

    Happy HNT!! Very sexy picture, shay.

  • badinfluencegirl

    and suddenly there i am, in a halter top and roasting in the sun instead of sitting here with SOCKS (and clothes) on and my toes still freezing cold

    thanks :)

    and happy bloggaversary!

  • Pagan And Pervert

    Happy blogiversary HNT :)

    nice view down the cleavage, too :)

  • Cain

    Yes! Very warm, in here!

    ~~So cold here, on LI too!! ~~

    Happy Blog-Anniversary, Shay!!

    Many, many, more!
    So smart & sexy…All the best.
    See you, on Friday!

    Happy HNT!!


  • Desire X

    It’s nice to see a suntan again!

    We’re thinking of you!


  • Atlanta Guy

    Very smooth!

  • Anonymous

    How do you do it? How do you look so damn sexy in every single picture? Sorry I missed your anniversay. Congrats!


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