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I Know You *Heart* My Hands HNT

Hey look at this!
It’s my first HNT of 2007 and already I’m flashing my super sexy hands.

Actually, of interest in this photo is the little tiny candy cock that I am attempting to feed to my friend – crazy times chez Shay, what can I say?

12 comments to I Know You *Heart* My Hands HNT

  • The Teacher

    So did she eat that teeny tiny cock?

    Pretty hands.

  • Neko Doddy

    Theses are very nice hands I hope to see more of you in the future.

  • Regal

    Thanks for commenting at my site. My HNT is up. I love your photo – very funny! And pretty hands!

  • Anonymous

    What lovely hands they are, too. Thanks for dropping by to celebrate 20,000 hits. I will put you on my “regular” list and hope to know more about you. Love Canada, one of my best friends lives in Toronto.

  • Anonymous

    Such pretty hands indeed … And, hands say a lot about the body … ;-) Hugs – A

  • Anonymous

    Such sexy sexy little hands. Would love if they were running all over my body. Or yours. Hey, I can’t be picky. :-)


  • ArtfulDodger

    Oh yes, always a pleasure to be treated to sexy shay hands, and up to no good either I see. ;)

  • horny guy

    i love your hands.. firm yet soft…

  • Anonymous

    I’m jealous.Ha Ha Oh and you do have pretty hands. I bet I know how they could look better though. Wrapped around . . . . . LOL

  • exile

    oh if those fingers could talk…

    acctually, it would be really creepy if fingers could talk. they’d probably be bitching the whole time you type. “ouch ouch ouch, oh god, not the space bar!…”


  • dave

    in order of what i check out on a girl;


    nice hands shay.
    she’s got to have nice hands if she’s going to put them on me.

  • fullynaked

    actually i like the chin and the lips…

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