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Cockblogging Wednesday 45

I hope you aren’t all cocked out from the Futa girls because this week I have this lovely Anonymous cock for your viewing pleasure.

Well shay, I’ll admit I’m a bit shy but here it is… first time…

That’s right, another internet exhibitionist’s virginity given up for CBW!

Incidentally, I’ve been thinking about going semi work-safe, like Avatar. What do you think? Would that be a good idea or terrible?

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11 comments to Cockblogging Wednesday 45

  • Cherrie

    1. Nice cock! Don’t be shy, Mr. Anonymous!

    2. No to work safe! Be yourself!

  • PC

    Semi-work safe would be fine. Adding another click to get to the good stuff never heard anyone. :)

  • Gadfly


    Have I mentioned that I hate cock blogging?

    OK, I’ll shut up now.

    Now if it were a girl’s dick, it would be different. The hentai pics were unusual, but not terribly disturbing ;-)

  • peggygirl

    do you noe where to get Futa porn ?

  • Celtic Frog

    Extra clicking not bad. Just beware the ads, which you’ll also have to monitor. Tres pain.

    Always good to see a new cock!

  • DevilBlueDress

    Beautiful little picture there… Work-safe. Hmmm. I work at home so it’s all the same to me.

  • Dirty Debbie

    Not good or terrible.
    Cock is cock and I love it, I’ll put the energy into an click to get some.
    FYI: I do usually read your stuff at home.

  • horny guy

    i dont think it matters. colorful dots or not, if someone looks at your monitor, they know what that is. Besides, people should know better than to view at work if they’re gonna be caught. And as an IT guy, we know what you do anyways… lol

  • Anonymous

    IF you’re going to do “work safe” (which I don’t vote for and how is a sex blog work safe), then you should do it like NOT like Avatar. Look at alexsuze’s HNTs.

  • Whatever

    Re: work safe

    I don’t think you can make the site work safe and still be about sex & whatnot. Besides, you would have to either switch to all work safe or maintain two web sites :-(

  • badinfluencegirl

    the thing about the way avatar does it is that then you get a lovely big picture of the cock when you want it but you can still surf at work.

    sorry i keep getting all distracted by the cock pics.

    you can do it if you want but i sort of slightly prefer not.

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