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Reader Question – Bum Play for Singles

The thing is, I’m interested in exploring anal play, but I’m not with anybody right now. I’ve read a lot about safe anal stuff for two, but I’ve never read hygiene specifications for one. What’s the right way to go about this?

Thanks for writing to me, I always appreciate e-mails from my readers. ^_^

A lot of authors do tend to take a more couple oriented focus when they talk about anal play, neglecting the sexy singles out there who want to give the backdoor a try too! But you can apply a lot of the same tips to solo exploration too:

Wash your hands and toys thouroughly
Be gentle
Use condoms to protect toys

I wrote a piece on anal sex myself just over a year ago but recently updated it; HERE is the link to an updated version.
In this piece I do outline tips for both couples and solo explorers.

Anal play can be really good and really intense, but it’s important to respect your body and keep yourself safe.

Have fun!

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4 comments to Reader Question – Bum Play for Singles

  • frhe sjgg

    Great post, Shay.

    Love the cartoon, too ! How can cute be so sexy ?!?

    Went to the link you provided, and I think you definitely covered everything that matters !

    It makes me want to go play…now…

    Happy Sunday !

    Anne Elizabeth

  • exile

    poor singles

    it’s true nearly all sexual advice you read is always for couples.

    luckily shay is looking out for us all

  • single gal

    i’m all for anal play, but i only do it by myself for the time being.
    i use a condom for ease and cleanliness and lots of lube.

    best of luck!

  • Shay

    AE – Thanks hun, I’m so glad that you liked the piece. ^_^

    exile – That’s me! Defender of the partnerless! ^_~

    SinGal- Good girl, you’re a shining example hehe ^_^

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