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Film Fridays 46 – Hey! It’s Not A Race.. Oh Wait, It Is!

I’ve had some boyfriends in the past who were terrible at undoing bras.
In fact, I’m sure more than a few of you reading this right now know that you can be a little hopeless when it comes to bra fasteners.
But that’s okay – it’s not a race… well, except in this case:

Now you know what I would like to see?
Ghost versus another girl – I think I could beat him (or at least tie)!

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13 comments to Film Fridays 46 – Hey! It’s Not A Race.. Oh Wait, It Is!

  • JeN

    Pfff… all the women are wearing the exact same bra (and underwear) so I don’t think this race should count at all. Most women like variety!

  • Cayman J

    I’m not that fast but unlike him I can do it onehanded without seeing the clasp. That’s the important part.

  • JUnderCovers

    I pride myself on being pretty good, but every so often Mrs. J buys a new one that really confounds me. My goal is to be like Joey on Friends and be so quick that you don’t even realize your bra has come undone.

  • Edward

    Those are the 2 hook variety,thats too easy.Try that with a 4 hook bra and f cups adding weight pulling on them

  • Ryann

    and add a few front release just to mix it up a bit.

    I’d like to see a nice variety of bras, all at random and Shay you can compete, cuz really I wanna see how fast women would be. hahaha ok maybe we need a slutty lesbian contestant too

  • Shay

    JeN – haha yeah there should be some simgle and double claspers thrown in there to make them slip up!

    CayJ – oh yeah? well I can do it one handed behind my back! beat that ^_~

    JUnder – haha yeah! That would be hot!

    Edward – F cups? icky, I think it would be better to stick with average cup sizes.

    Ryann – Oh man I think a front release would be too hard! Even I have trouble with mine once in a while! Haha, yeah I wonder how the slutty lesbian contestant would have compared.

  • Edward

    Edward – F cups? icky, I think it would be better to stick with average cup sizes.

    I’ll to make sure my wife does not see this.Her F cup breasts are not icky.

  • Shay

    Aww sorry Ed, I didn’t mean to offend. F just almost sounds like a made-up cup size, because it’s so big!

  • Edward

    Made -up?I guess you did not bother to go thru the arcives of our blog before you replied .Lisa has posted a picture of herself.

  • Shay

    Ed hunny, I didn’t mean at all that I thought you or your wife were lying about her breast size. I’m so sorry that you thought that.
    I just don’t hear about F cup breasts as often as I hear about comparitively smaller sizes like A, B, C, and D.

    Please relax and consider reading some of my other posts instead of watching this one like a hawk. ^_~

  • Edward

    Sorry but when I read comments like”Icky” that gets my hackles up.Take a look at our links above D cup is not that uncommon.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve always been of the opinion that bra clasps were invented by a nun. Why else would they be so diffficult to undo.

    Why don’t they use velcro ;)



  • BoobLover

    Ha ha, Velcro. Gosh what would have made that video better is if the girls hadn’t been holding on to their bra’s!

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