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Cocktoberfest – Day 5

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Today’s beer is one that was suggested to me by a reader,
but it is also one that my mom is a big fan of – and she’s picky, so it must be good!

It’s brewed in Alberta and is made with no preservatives (yay!)
I haven’t tried it yet for myself, but it’s on the list!

Today’s cock also has no preservatives ^_~
Meet Chip:

12 comments to Cocktoberfest – Day 5

  • Anonymous

    beautiful! but pleeeease trim that bush….

  • AlwaysArousedGirl

    Oh, please…his bush is lovely.

    To each his or her own bush.

    Shay, can it always be Cocktoberfest here at The S Spot? Please?


  • Heather

    Every day should be COCKTOBERFEST!!!! This dick is beautiful.

  • frhe sjgg

    Oh, goodness, I know JUST where I want that !!!!!!!

    Great octoberfest, Shay !!!!

    Anne Elizabeth

  • The Melody Censor

    Yay! for Grasshoppper…brewed right here in Calgary! It’s pretty darn good as far as light beer goes…make sure to add a sqeeze of lemon juice…makes it yummy!!!

    And chip? welll…also yummy!

  • Pandora

    Oh yes.. that is a fine cock!!!

  • a

    hi chip, looking good i see.

  • The Mistress

    OMFG Cocktoberfest is fucking brilliant!

    I am loving this site.

  • Anonymous

    i’d love to ride that cock. beautiful.


    ps. don’t shave. the hair was meant to be there, or else it wouldn’t grow.

  • badgirl33

    yeah this cock is almost perfect :-)

  • Anonymous

    Fucking beautiful! Hi ya chip!


  • Chip

    Hi Folks,

    Shay just let me know that she posted the photo I sent to her so I thought I would come by and check it out. Thanks for all the comments. This is very out of the ordinary for me, however, I cannot believe the thrill of being up (so to speak) on Shay’s site.

    Thanks again, you certainly have made my week. I think I might join in on the HNT thing now.


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