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Film Fridays 41 – Un-Dress-up Party

This video seems appropriate for this weekend,
since I’m actually having a bit of a costume party tomorrow night.
(We’re dressing up like pirates and drinking the flavoured rum that I brought back from the caribbean.)
Though I really don’t think that my party is going to go in quite the same direction as this one…

One of the things I liked was that there didn’t appear to be any pressure to exchange partners with the other couples if you dont’ want to – one of the couples seemed like they were mainly interested in having sex in front of other people but not necessarily with other people. And I liked that there was at least the impression that that would be okay with the other couples and the host. (The host kinda scares me though, she’s a little intense.)

In other news,
Congrats to reader Jeremy F
who recognised my little friend in this week’s HNT picture and managed to figure out where I went on vacation this past summer.
He was the first person (after AAG) to send me an e-mail with the correct answer and he will be receiving the mystery prize by mail shortly.
Just to recap my silly little contest: the first clue was that I was vacationning on a relatively famous beach, the second clue was that I was on a caribbean island with a Westin hotel, and the third clue was that my island also has a senor frog’s. Well done Jeremy F, for guessing on the fourth (and easiest) clue – the turtle farm.
Thank you to you all for playing and I hope you will keep an eye out for my next contest.

10 comments to Film Fridays 41 – Un-Dress-up Party

  • Goose and Gander

    Well, if it does go in that direction, for God’s sake TAKE PICTURES. Jus’ kidding! Whatever they want to call it, sure looks like swingers having an orgy to me! ;-)

  • Cayman J

    now that’s a party i wouldn’t mind attending. and if your party does head in that direction (Caribbean rum is good remember) give me a call so i can come over

  • ArtfulDodger

    Dern! Oh well, I vacationed there myself twice now and when I went back and looked at the photos I thought, duh! Oh well, sure looks like you had a great time. :)

  • ~A-Lo~

    I guess i don’t get out much, I had no clue about “Turtle farm” even though you say it’s famous lol…good luck on your costume party…the rum sounds taaaaaasty ;)

  • Anonymous

    That is one HOT party. Damn!!

  • exile

    i’ve always wanted to attend one of these parties, but the hold back is the lack of a partner.


  • single gal

    wow – that is an intense party.
    definitely a huge routine to go through to get in, but it seems to work.

    enjoy your party matey.

  • Big Ed

    Wow…although I doubt your party will turn out like that, I bet you could throw one like it if you wanted ;-)


  • DZER

    hmm … are we gonna see you in costume?


  • Shay

    G&G – Haha I would have for sure! ^_^ Oh, and I agree.

    CayJ – sorry kiddo you’re tooo far away to make it.

    Art – tsk! too bad you didn’t recognise it sooner sweety! ^_^ And I did have a great time.

    ALo – Well, I bet most people haven’t heard of it unless they’ve been (or know someone who has been) or are really into turtles/marine biology. But if you had googled it, then it would have given away the location.

    Anon – I agree!

    Exile – haha then you need the singles version of it!

    Single – Gar! T’was a grand eve!

    Ed – haha maybe in blog land, you and kitten would be invited, of course. ^_~

    Dzer – If you’re lucky! I did take a number of pictures. ^_~

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