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Film Fridays 40 – Laundry Tips

A number of years ago (when I was just a little undergrad) I used to have to take my laundry to a laundromat (a place with many washers and dryers where you put in coins so you can do your laundry and wash your panties in a public place).
I used to be a little paranoid about leaving my laundry there all alone so I would sit there and wait for it to finish.
But when I didn’t have a textbook to read it was sooooo boring to just sit there.

I think this girl has a good idea of ways to keep herself entertained while she waits for her laundry to finish:

Pleasures Of Laundry – video powered by Metacafe


11 comments to Film Fridays 40 – Laundry Tips

  • adam

    Well, hopefully she got done with her playing before the “SPIN” cycle!

    I can imagine her throwing her panties in, post-orgasm! bare-assed, till done!

    LMAO! Shay! You sure know how to brighten up a gloomy Friday!!

    ~~naughty, but nice!~~

    xx, adam.

  • padme

    I love that video, Shay. :) Makes me look at laundry a bit differently. ;)
    Have a good weekend.

  • nx

    That think I also….nice Video, sexy Girl.

  • the old yankee

    very hot.

  • nina

    Hmmm… No fabric softner? She’s yummy, and I don’t think I’ll look at the spin cycle quite the same ever again!


  • exile

    funny, i don’t remember having a roll of quarters in my pocket…

  • Shay

    Adam – I thought the spin cycle was supposed to be the best part!

    Padme – mission accomplished then!

    nx – thanks!

    TOY – I thought you might like that. ^_~

    nina – haha maybe she used dryer sheets? ^_~

    exile – are you doing laundry or are you just happy to see me? ^_~ hehe

  • madeleine

    man, i was actually looking for laundry tips.

  • adam

    Well, yes, Shay. You’re right! The “Spin Cycle” is definitely a plus—unless, of course, you have a “Top-loader”

    What struck me, however, was her obvious arousal, @ the stripping-off process. Had this little film continued, baring to bottom, we’d see a finger’s worth of heavy rotation, equal, but not as great as the “Spin Cycle,” bringing this extraordinary short-film to a wet & wash-needing “climax”….

    Panties, get a “half-clean” before the water drains out..and the “spin” begins.


    I hope this answers your question. As you can see, I have a very visual imagination. Good thing, huh??


  • Kat

    :( “This movie has been removed from Metacafe.”

    My husband had this tab open and I got curious! Any other places where I can see this? :)

  • Shay

    sorry Kat, I have no idea where to look for this video now :(

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