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Reader Question – Do I Need Anal Douches?

Hi shay, long time reader, first time asker heh

My girlfriend and I love anal play, from rimjobs right on to full on anal fucking. I have heard a lot lately about anal douches and was wondering if they are a special kind of douche or just the regular every day kind, and if they are a special type, where we could find them.

Anal douches (aka enemas) are what we call it when you squirt fluid up your bum (into the rectum and colon via the anus), hold it there for a moment, and release it.

A lot of people worry about anal sex being “dirty” or messy, which is understandable considering that fecal matter (poop) is generally seen as unclean – which it kinda is. Feces (poop) is made up of indigestible/undigested food matter and can carry bacteria (like E.Coli) that live in the colon – it’s waste products from your body.

For many people, one of the main things holding them back from experimenting with anal sex is a disturbing image of accidentally getting poo on a toy or penis. But you need to keep in mind that feces isn’t actually stored in the rectum (where the penis and toys are going) until you are just about do go to the bathroom – so as long as you don’t have anything “on deck” anal sex shouldn’t be messy.

Getting enough fiber in your diet to clean out your plumbing and taking a shower before play will help you feel less worried about ruining a toy or the moment. And some people use an enema to take this one step further by cleaning themselves inside as well – making them feel more comfortable/confident and less worried.

Some people really enjoy having enemas and end up incorporating them into their sex play!

You can find enema equipment at any local pharmacy – some people still use them for medical reasons. It’s best to use the proper equipment and recommended fluids, rather than making up your own. You really don’t want to be putting anything harsh up there that might damage the delicate tissue or the chemical balances.

With or without an enema it’s still a good idea to use condoms to protect any penises or toys that will be entering your anal cavity.

You can check out my anal guide for more reading on this topic HERE.

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9 comments to Reader Question – Do I Need Anal Douches?

  • Madame X

    I am SO glad you cleared up the feces/poop thing for me!

    I’ve got one important rule which I am sure is in your guidelines…pussy then ass OK
    Ass then pussy NO WAY!

  • Madame X

    Sorry to scare away all your comments Shay!
    Sometimes I share too much I guess.

  • Beth

    That’s right Madame. He can lick my asshole all night but won’t get any where near my mouth. We kiss first and then…

  • Jane_Lynn

    I love using anal beads but My boyfriends dick is just too big. Oh well.

  • Banana Boy

    I’ve never had any “messy” problems during anal play.
    I’ve once had a ass-to-mouth experience, but that was a one off!

  • Pandora

    Thanx for the info!

  • Shay

    MadameX – haha I’m glad I could clear that up for you ^_~ And YES pussy THEN ass is the only way to go! (unless you change condoms and wash up a bit). Haha looks like you didn’t quite scare away all my commenters, don’t worry, mine seem to be shy anyway. haha

    Beth – Yup, it’s important to stay safe from infection.

    Jane – oh that is a shame, I guess you will have to work up to taking him in your ass (if that’s what you want to do).

    BananaBoy – I’ve never had any “messy problems” either, but they must happen once in a while.

    Pandora – my pleasure hun.

  • JC

    Enemas?! Oh yeah!!!
    Pleased to meet you all in bloggyland ;) I am a male(heterosexual).
    Enemas can be quite erotic and extremely exciting…
    If you have any real health issues I strongly recommend consulting with a doctor before using enemas.
    Do you need them? Well… The more anal sex the receiver has, if in fact they enjoy it.- Then the more excited and relaxed their muscles become. They want to try and consume even more of their lover’s erection in that instance. This can loosen things up a bit during anal play. I give my lady friend enemas fairly frequently.
    You should NOT do enemas on a daily basis. But a few times a month shouldn’t be an issue.
    After having a few good enemas during a session, one should refrain from sex for half an hour to 45 mins. or so. Sorta like when they tell yah not to go swimming right after eating something. Btw, don’t take those chemically induced enemas that they sell in a pharmacy. Those are kinda harsh on the system.. You want to buy one of those standard 2 quart bags… If you have hard tap water at home, it’s best to add a tablespoon of baking soda to the water for every quart that’ll be used for the enema. If enemas are taken in slowly there is no cramping to vurtually no cramping while holding an enema in one’s bottom. An adult should take at least a quart of water in to them for the enema to start to work. By no means does anyone need to take 2 whole quarts at a time to get use out of the enema. People find if they are relaxed during the enema it is much easier to get to consume and retain an enema.. If one needs to stop during an enema filling, they should do so and excuse themselves to the bathroom… In order for lovers to enjoy enemas you need respect for each others concerns and about 4 or more hours of privacy together. I love my enema sessions with my lady! Enemas are sorta like “anal” foreplay for the two of us. We have all kinds of assorted erotic enema equipment at home. It adds to our pleasure. Good equipment and a partner’s care, greatly improve the enema experience. For instance, enemas nozzles come in many sizes and shapes just like dildos… There are enema bags, syringes, pumps, cans,…etc. The toys go on and on with this hobby. lol. My lady has gotten so confident in her ability over the years in receiving enemas, that on a good day she can hold 2 quarts while we have normal intercourse at the same time while in the doggy position.. But that’s from plenty of experience over the years together as a couple. Enemas definitely add an extra dimension to one’s sex games.
    Enjoy ;)

  • Shay

    Thanks for your input JC, you’re an excellent example of someone who started out using enemas as preparation for anal sex and ended up enjoying it enough to incorporate it into your sex play. ^_^

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