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Film Fridays 36 – The Last Sybian Vid

[Sorry for the lateness, being on vacation makes me forget what day of the week it is!]
The last sybian vid from the Howard Stern show that I will make you watch
… maybe ^_~

I really don’t understand how they expect the girls to be able to cum with four guys panting right next to them!

But I guess having a orgasm cheering section is kinda sweet.
What do you think?
Would you want a cheering section while you masturbate?

5 comments to Film Fridays 36 – The Last Sybian Vid

  • ME

    If the cheering section was comprised of beautiful, hot women perhaps it would be ok. But on the Howard Stern show? LOL

  • Betty

    Haha, that was very silly. If those guys had just shut up, I think she probably would have ben able to do it more easily. :)
    P.S.- My favorite Film Friday was the Russian Girls video- that was damn hot.

  • ~A-Lo~

    I agree with betty…if the guys would have just let her do her thang there without a “whats happening now” i’m sure it would have been that much more hotter…did she fake it…that was the smallest fake i’ve ever seen…i can do better ;) not that I’d ever fake, or would i *dun dun dun*

  • Debbie

    sure why not. I like the attention.

  • Anonymous

    It was funny watching the guy with the mic in his hand!
    V hot video

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