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Clue Number Two HNT

Hello all!
As promised here is a lovely shot of my tan lines in front of the Westin
(where I actually worked for a summer 3-4 years ago)

As you can see, I developed a few different tan lines because of the different tops I was wearing. Look how dark I got though! And I wore sunscreen every time I went outside!

And if you’re wondering why I’m talking about clues see last week’s HNT
Now I dont’ want to have people guessing every hot country they can think of – you each get one guess each week, use it wisely.

13 comments to Clue Number Two HNT

  • DZER

    St. Croix?

    and hot, hot, hot are the tan lines of Shay … heh

  • Aragorn

    Funny how tan lines actually direct the attention … sigh. Nice image dear. I don’t think it is fair for me to guess, is it … ;-) …

  • HNB

    Hmmmmm. I’m clueless. In more ways than one. LOL. Tan lines are buggers aren’t they.


  • Supercock

    I am happy just to enjoy the views and not worry about the competition. Personally I hope no-one guesses and then we will need more picture clues LOL

  • Spitfire

    California. Wait…is that the sunshine state? damnit. fuck it. Shay, I simply love your hnts….

    soooo sexy just like you!

  • adam

    What a nice HNT…Good to see you had a Sunny Vacation..dig those tan-lines!!

    I’ve sent my second guess..

    (this is FUN!)

    xx, adam.

  • padme

    I agree with spitfire..I think it’s a sunshine state…
    Hmmm…have to give it some thought. love your HNT photo Shay!! Very nice.
    Happy HNT to you!

  • JUnderCovers

    What a cute little Shay you are!

    Okay, my guess for the week is Jamaica. What does the winner get?

  • me

    Cute top, I like:) Happy HNT!

    Oh, and I’m so right there with you on conflicting tan lines. Oy.

  • Suze

    Now Shay would you like me to rub some moisturiser in to those tan lines.

    Did you go to St Kitts?

    Happy HNT sweetie ;)

  • Semi-Celibate Man

    Cute! Just plain cute. :) HHNT

  • The Melody Censor

    Nothing like tan lines to show off just how tan you really are! Beautiful and Kudos on the sunscreen!
    I’m also going with the Sunshine State as my guess this week…but isn’t the Sunshine State actually Florida?? Is it Fort Lauderdale?

  • Spitfire

    Yeah florida was the sunshine state..I think I was hungover…The point is….it’s the sunshine state..where ever that is, right right???

    I thought, florida, cali, which is it….all I could think of florida was wanting to be on the white sand and oranges.

    Right about now I want to go dip myself in a vat of ice cream at the blue bell creamery. Gee, wonder where I am planted.

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