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The Classic Scar HNT

This week I decided that it was time for me to follow HNT tradition and do a scar post.
Now my scars are kind of unique…

I have an interesting scar on one of my knees from the time I feel off my bike, and a very pale scar on my shin from the time that I leaned onto the metal ring around a fire pit at a camp-ground in Alberta.
But my coolest scars are from scuba diving and snorkeling.

The one on my arm is from a jelly fish sting, originally it was much bigger and red and swollen and raised and very cool looking.
Here is what it looks like now:

here, let me zoom in a bit:

I have another scar on my left knee from the very first time that I went snorkeling and accidentally bumped into some fire coral – now that was a cool looking injury, but the scar is hardly noticeable (and I couldn’t get it to show up well on film)
I have another scar on my left ankle from coral as well, I tried to take a picture of it:

But it didn’t turn out very brilliant either.
Ah well, you get the idea.

Now, I have a question for my regular readers:
Folks, what do you think of my participating in the Half Nekkid Thursday?
Does it bore you?
Do you love it?
It is better than nothing?
Drop a comment (anonymous or not) and let me know.

32 comments to The Classic Scar HNT

  • Crimson

    It’s kind of fun what memories come with scars, eh? HHNT!

  • Sexy Duet

    Its interesting to hear the stories behind people’s scars. Definately enjoy your HNT posts, dont stop. Happy HNT & thanks for stopping by our blog earlier this week.

    Ms SD

  • AndyT13

    Rock on! HHNT! Love the caption contest BTW. Hope my submission made you laugh.

  • loz

    scars are always great, I did my biggest one once.

    I *think* this is the first time I’ve been here so I don’t qualify as ‘regular’, but I think it’s great for you to do hnt!

    happy hnt :).

  • DZER

    oooh … marine scars … I knew you lived to go down … heh

  • Suze

    Shay, I’ll be over to take a closer look at your scars later.

    I look at HNT as a weekly creative outlet and very much enjoy being part of the whole thing.

    Happy HNT sweetie ;)

  • Cayman J

    you have the cutest scars in the world. I don’t how how you managed to keep coral scars from being bad. Mine are horrible. I guess that it’s because everything about you is cute and sexy.

  • Backdoor Slider

    Cute foot Shay *grins* and nice scar pics.

    I hate jellyfish, I got hit by one years ago.

    Happy HNT

  • HNB

    Hmmmm. sorry to hear about your aquatic injuries. I wish I lived close enough to some fabulous beach to get a few. :sigh:

    I like you’re HNTs. It’s pretty much the only time we get to hear about YOU. And you are one Fabulous chica.

  • Late Starter

    I don’t think you’ll find that anyone asks you to stop posting your HNTs, Shay :o)

    Yours are always very charming!

  • lily

    I always love soming here to see what you’ve posted. It’s always fun! Please don’t stop. HHNT!

  • Madame X

    I LOVE your participation!
    HNT is not just about half naked bodies it’s about revealing a little bit more about your self and you do it so very well.
    You must not stop or I will stop in protest!!!

  • Bekah

    Happy HNT!
    Be careful in the water!!!

    What does a jellyfish sting feel like? Was it excruciating?

  • Mommyof3

    Don’t go away! HHNT

  • AlwaysArousedGirl

    Ditto what Madame X says. Love your scars. Yes, we do seem to be on the same wavelength!

  • :P fuzzbox

    I just can’t get enough jellyfish scars.

  • ArtfulDodger

    I for one look forward to your HNT’s every week, they are always so creative and reflect your personality. ;)

  • ~A-Lo~

    I really enjoy your HNT’s, they’re always so different…keep it up :)

  • adam

    I love your HNT’s..and, Thursday’s just wouldn’t be the same without you…and, yes, YUKI, Half-Nekkid!!

    Keep on, Shay!! We Love YOU!!

    Great scars, too, by the way. I’ve got a few I could show..maybe next week!! (This week: a homage to the Red Hot Chili Peppers! Check it out–wink*wink)

    Keep smiling!


  • melanaise

    same shorts, same scar. LOL…yes, the notorious scar-

    I think your participation is great! I always love your pictures.

    They are sexy without even trying.

    (sums you up anyway in general.)

  • Snow White

    I agree with Madame X & AAG, HNT is about sharing part of yourself, not just bodies. I always enjoy your HNT’s. Heck, I always enjoy your blog! :)

  • Semi-Celibate Man

    I’m always here, so I guess that’s my answer. :) HHNT

  • padme

    Interesting HNT photos! I have many scars too I’ve gotten through the years…
    Happy HNT!

  • fred

    I have a coral scar too! Mine’s a little bigger and on my knee. Funny thing is I didn’t feel a think till I got out of the water and noticed the blood.

  • horny guy

    HNT is fun. I enjoy it. This one about scars reminds me of the scene from lethal weapon 2 or 3 where they start showing each other scars and end up having sex. lol

  • figleaf

    I’m going to go a little bit against the current here and say I think you could post slightly more risque photos, Shay. I don’t mind that you don’t, not at all, at all. I’m just saying you could without raising eyebrows. And no, I don’t mean leaping all the way over to octopus hentai or cock/cunt-blogging. Instead I mean I think you could role-model slightly more risque, entry-level photos that could encourage people to a) feel better about themselves, b) think beyond the fairly typical cliche first photos, with the result that c) you could extend your sex-advice-columnist bona fides. So things like nipple bumps, unzipped jeans, shower-curtain silouettes, nape of your neck, small of your back… y’know perfectly modest as far as bare flesh is concerned but with overtones of erotic expression.

    And don’t get me wrong, I completely appreciate that you blog under your real first name and that people in your community know you as a blogger. (There’s always your other spot, of course, and you could always think in terms of yet-another, yet-more-removed-from-identifying-you blog to really stretch out and experiment in.)

    Take care,


  • kindabiz

    shay, i kiss each single scar of yrs with tenderness.

    this was so good … every part of u is so very smmoth and creamy ….

    i m in love …….

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Art and Fig.

    As a regular reader, although I appreciate the main content you post, I would probably not keep coming back were it not for knowing something about you as well.

    You project yourself nicely, with humor and creativity, but it would be nice if you were comfortable in going just a bit further on Thursdays. It needs to be okay with you, though.

  • irmtrain

    I didn’t really notice the scars because I was drooling over the shot of your foot and how pleasurable it would be to suck those beautiful toes you have. More foot shots on your HNT and don’t stop the HNT’s. Love em.

  • Pornster

    I love your HNTs, even if they are fake ones. ;D

  • The Old Yankee

    Your HNT’s rock. Keep it up. I know I will.

  • The Old Yankee

    Here’s some proof if you don’t believe me. ;)

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