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Film Fridays 33 – The Dangers of Sushi

In honour of Tuesday’s post,
I present to you a classic Weebl and Bob cartoon.

Click HERE to enjoy this week’s feature.

So this is what happens when you fall asleep too soon after eating sushi?

As an added bonus, this week’s film also includes a little vocab lesson:
pants (n) – panties.
e.g.: “stop it bob, I can see your pants!

wanker (n) – littlerally a masturbator, but when used an as insult it’s usually refering to someone who is self-obsessed and/or a show-off
e.g. “bob – ‘wankaarggghh’

Have a fabulous day!

If you’re in need of a little more entertainment, don’t be shy about checking out the film Friday archives!

4 comments to Film Fridays 33 – The Dangers of Sushi

  • adam

    Bob says: “Wankaggghhh” (wanker?)

    Too funny, Shay!! Loved it.


  • Madame X

    Wow I was just looking at your poll results.

    You have such a young readership.
    I’m interested to know if they are bloggers and do they comment.


  • Bling

    Hey Shay,
    Great blog Babe. You have a new reader.

  • Edinburgh Erotica

    Is the term “wanker” actually used much outside the UK? I’d always thought it was a one of those words that seperated us by a common language :)



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