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A Little Summer Shopping

Being a cheap little shopper, I am always on the lookout for sales in stores that I like. And it seems that July is a good month for saving money on Adult products. For example:

Babeland is having a sale. They are offering 20% off of all their premium vibes from July 18th until August 1st. You can check that out HERE.

And I’ve just hooked up with Intimate Gifts. They are going to be sending me some fun goodies to review and have given me a little shop (which is still under construction).

Happy Shopping my little sweeties! ^_^

4 comments to A Little Summer Shopping

  • Deb

    FYI the vibrating butterfly is incredible. I sit in traffic for an hour long commute to work and it works like magic.

  • Passionate Man

    Love the idea of the butterfly. But why do they use the cheapest straps….

  • Shay

    Deb – I have one too and I love it!

    PassionateMan – too keep costs down? I have no idea, but it’s not like I wear mine while to run around town or anything, so I haven’t had any problems with the straps so far.

  • Cherrie

    Well, my man and I just blew over $1,000 in California, so no new toys for us.

    Maybe next year, though!

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