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Update on Dilwood

I’ve received a number of e-mail from readers curious about getting a wooden dildo like the one I tested and who were upset that my link to Dilwood appeared to be broken.

Patrick, the guy behind Dilwood, had gone on hiatus and he took down his site in the interim.
But, I am pleased to announce that he is back.

You can scamper on over to his new website and see if he’s got anything that strikes your fancy.

You can also read my review of the dildo he sent me HERE.

, wooden dildo

4 comments to Update on Dilwood

  • Desireous

    Wood scares me a little. What about splinters?


  • Shay

    Read The Review!

    besides, does that wood look splintery to you?

  • Sarah

    I loved reading your review. Very HOT. I think I’ll buy one of those big boys.

  • patrick

    sorry ebay closed down my store..too “extrem” as they say..?!?!?!..i tried to fight my point of view…i failled.

    anyway , dilwood will have a brand new site in a few days , with costum section..lower priced than others , and looks way better in my opinon..

    thanx Shay for everything luv ya!

    p.s…..splinters???..that is the first time i hear that…kidding.

    Dilwood wooden dildos

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