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The Shay’s New Face

The Results are in!
And I have decided to go with picture ‘I’

Picture ‘I’ seems to suit me the best.

This character’s name is Mizuho, she’s from the anime series Onegai Sensei (“Please Teacher“) and she’s actually quite a lot like me! We’re sunny and friendly, we wear glasses half of the time, we have red hair of similar length (at least in this shot), we both like chocolate pocky, and we both like to have teaching roles. ^_~

In fact, you might recognize this character! I’ve used her before on my blog:

And it’s very likely that I’ll be using her again ^_~

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16 comments to The Shay’s New Face

  • Deb

    The second picture down looked like me this weekend.

  • Momentarily_Distracted



    *voted for letter I*

  • AlwaysArousedGirl

    Are there pocky expressly for women, too?


  • Shay

    Deb – cool!

    M_D – hehe good choice! ^_^

    AAG – It’s funny, I don’t even like the men’s pocky! I prefer the standard red box chocolate kind (see last picture). ^_^ But the banana and strawberry ones are pretty good too.

  • Mikey Mongol


  • Aragorn

    Oh, love the character … Wonder what inspired you to take her … what exactly is it that is “suits you best” … ;-). Beautiful choice ! (will have to update my sidebar soon). Hugs

  • Pronto

    Outstanding choice, Shay!

    Had I seen the remainder of the set, I may have voted ‘I’ as well!

  • JUnderCovers

    I like it! The face and hair and glasses convey your Shay-dorableness, yet the bulging boobies just out of frame give a glimpse of your yummy, naughty Shaycat side.

    Now I think you need to start a project to re-enact each of those pictures of Mizuho as your HNT for the next few weeks. I know I’m dying to see #2. ;)

  • Buddy

    Yea! I love the pictures too, but now feel a little too turned on by them.

  • Madame X

    OMG I am such a dork because what turns out to be bulging boobies…I thought were knees!!!!

  • ArtfulDodger

    Excellent choice Shay, that was my second choice. :)

  • Big Ed

    Hehe I love it…good choice ;-)

    I think it suits you well ;-)


  • adam

    Hey..wait a minute!:

    I like this one better than the one I picked!!

    [Then again, it might be the additional pictures.]

    Cheers, Adam.

  • Backdoor Slider

    Awesome choice Shay, Iyes Awesome choice indeed *drools*

  • Anonymous

    It certainly makes me want to find some more pocky again. And find a wonderful looking pair of breasts to lick pocky crumbs off of as well… ;)

    Wow,. the last time I had some pocky was… too long (does ‘having pocky’ sound like almost the perfect eupemism for… )

  • Shay

    Mike – haha I know you were rooting for that one too ^_~

    Aragorn – I’m not sure I understand your question sweety.

    Pronto – Haha thank you.

    JUnder – hehe I like that “Shay-dorableness” ^_^ I will get right to work on that HNT project. hehe

    Buddy – Oh dear! ^_~

    Madam X – They really do look like knees in the cropped version. I say let’s just pretend they are her knees in the icon – because we know my boobs aren’t THAT big anyway! ^_^

    Art – hehe oh good. ^_^

    Ed – Thanks sweety!

    Adam – I nearly went with the one you picked! But after I put it to a vote I started liking “I” more and more…

    Backdoor – Thanks babe!

    Anon – Do they not have it where you are? That’s tragic!! You need to order some in, or something! ^_~

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