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Sunshine HNT

It is HOT.
Crazy HOT.
For the past few days the temp has been hovering between 30 and 35*C and the humidity has just been crazy!
Last Sunday I had dinner with friends (they have a bbq- yay!), but before we started cooking, they took me to this great place for rollerbading.
The trail is near a golf course and is paved so smooth that it was just a dream to ride on.
Anyway, long story short: the Shay had a great time, the Shay loves the new rollerblading path, the Shay loves bbq, and this is what the Shay wore:

My top says “Sunshine Makes me Smile
You can tell it’s an action shot because I wasn’t able to pose my clothes properly – but I knew you guys wouldn’t care and would enjoy the picture anyway, cause you’re just sweet like that. hehe
Also, don’t forget to vote for my new display picture HERE!
**Update: Thanks so much for your concern – but nothing is wrong with my hand, that’s my wrist guard for rollerblading. This picture was taken during our little adventure on the new trail. (Well spotted M_D and TJ!)

37 comments to Sunshine HNT

  • Backdoor Slider

    Shit these sexy and cute pics of you make me smile *grins* you have a very very nice body *winks*


  • TheChief

    I think pic B is winning because there is a(n inadvertant?) nipple slip.

    Cute pic of you this week, BTW? But what in the world did you do to your hand? (Sorry if you have said before, but this is my FIRST visit!)

  • lecram sinun

    OK… can we just say… the Shay is hot! Cheers and Happy HNT!

  • Momentarily_Distracted

    Oh, that’s her protective gear. It’s for her rollerblading so she won’t hurt her wrist if she falls. :o)

    Shay, you look so cute in shorts!

  • Alistair!



  • TJ

    Lol, chief–that wristguard is there to make sure that nothing does happen to her hand…

    and very sexy shorts!!

    happy hnt

  • Becca

    That shirt is awesome…as is the whole package…but I’m lovin’ on that shirt!


  • Crimson

    Very cute shot! HHNT!

  • Semi-Celibate Man

    the Shay is smokin’ hot! Happy HNT

  • dazed

    Shay looks adorable! It’s been Hotter than hell here too! HHNT!

  • The Melody Censor

    The Shay looks gorgeous and summery!
    Happy heatwave…and Happy HNT!

  • ~A-Lo~

    “The Shay” is a hottie :)

  • keda

    lovely! what a hot bod*
    happy hnt.

  • Wenchy


  • surferguy

    you have an amazing body!!

  • Suze

    Shay, you just made me want to take up blading. If I can skate behind you!

    Happy HNT sweetie ;)

  • adam

    Here, on Long Island, we’re havin’ a Heatwave Too! I’m quite speechless, looking at your HNT this week. // Those shorts & shirt, are a beautiful match. Keep on Rollerblading! // You’ve given new meaning to “The Shay!!”–that’s you, right???// You’re a Winner..remember that!!. XXOO, Adam.

  • DZER

    The Shay rocks the DZER’s world, darlin’

    damn I love a woman in a tube top who refers to herself in the third person …

  • lily

    You look adorable ;)

    Happy HNT!

  • Aragorn

    Hmmm … that is a beautiful picture indeed … Simply because it shows your body-lines so well. Looks like pretty tight abbs … ! Enjoy the temperatures, I envy you !

  • Big Ed

    W00t1 Very nice Ms. Shay….


  • BKS

    and rollerblading does make some beautiful legs….matches the rest of you….nicely done


  • Andre

    The sunshine makes me smile too. But that picture really really makes me smile!

  • sicilia_vita

    You are sunshine, Shay.

    How do you do it? You write about sex every single day and one would think you would have these outlandish HNTs. But you don’t, you have cute, g-rated HNTs — and yet somehow they are SEXY as hell!!! How do you do that. They seem innocent but the slight curves, the exposed skin, those incredible fingers. Hot hot hot.

  • me

    Yay for nice rollerblading paths! Wish I had one of those (then again, the one I use juts into the harbor, so I can’t complain too much:). Cute shirt. Happy HNT, Shay!

  • barefoot_mistress

    That is such a cute lil top! You look lovely in it! HHNT

  • Pronto

    Nothing cures the winter blues better than Half Naked Rollerblading……..

    I think….

  • padme

    Happy HNT! :) Great shirt…cute photo…

  • JUnderCovers

    Lovin’ the Shay’s curves! You make Canada seem almost appealing. ;)

  • Oº°‘¨t®ãg‘°ºO

    You have THE most spectacular hips! HHNT!

  • Haaaaaaa

    I don’t think I’ve seen an HNT from you before. You have a great body. I ove the short shorts. Have any white ones? ;)

  • Breeze

    Oh my God…. Love the HNT *pic*!! It’s so not a cartoon picture!! (Love the shorts!!)


  • ArtfulDodger

    Sorry I’m late beautiful. I’ve already stated on so many occassions my love and for the Shay, so to do so again seems fruitless. Suffice to say you are a beauty and a cutie and a rollerblading fool! kisses for the sweet. :)

  • HNB

    You have such a cute bod. Love the shorts. I’m a sucker for patch pockets.

  • Bellarosa

    very nice HNT!!

  • Cuddleslut

    Cute outfit! very summery….

    *sigh* i miss summer.

    its the middle of winter here and getting down to 15C over night. But then again – its also sitting at 30C through the day. In summer its 45C during the day and around 35C overnight so I really shouldn’t complain!

  • melanaise

    damn woman, those thighs make me drool…

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