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There’s a Vas Deferens Between Men and Women

[I have been dying to make that joke!]

I was (as usual) making love to my stats today and noticed that someone had landed on my site after searching for “how do the testicles ejaculate?”
I hope that brave little web explorer wasn’t too disappointed, since he landed on a post about female ejaculation.

So, how does (male) ejaculation happen?
I know, I know – you stroke your cock and the cum just shoots out.

But let’s grab our patented S Spot magnifying lens and take a closer look…

As you know, the purpose of ejaculation (besides for cum shots in porn) is to squirt out sperm – which is made in the testicles.

Inside your ballsack you have two testicles and inside each testicle are coils called seminiferous tubules, (assuming you are healthy) the cells in these tubes make sperm constantly from the point that you hit puberty onwards.

The newly created sperm travel into the epididymis where they mature and are stored – it’s like sperm school, where they gain the ability to swim and fertilize an egg. [can't you just picture a little sperm gym class?]

The mature sperm hang out in the back of the epididymis until you are ready to ejaculate, but, if you make them wait to long they will be re-absorbed by the body.

When it’s time to ejaculate, the sperms are packed together tightly (like passengers on a Tokyo train) at the back of the epididymis – luckily they won’t have to swim their way out of your body.

The sperm move out of the epididymis and along the vas deferens via peristaltic muscle contractions (that’s the same rhythmic, forward moving muscle contractions that happen when you swallow – it’s like squeezing toothpaste out of a tube by squeezing one finger at a time from the back to the front).

In the vas deferens (which connects to the urethra), other fluids are added to the mix from the seminal vesicles and the prostate gland.

The prostate also contains sexy smooth muscles which contract rhythmically to shoot that cum out of your penis and onto your partner’s waiting face (or a tissue).

Now you know how a human male ejaculates. ^_^

More on male ejaculation HERE.

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10 comments to There’s a Vas Deferens Between Men and Women

  • Momentarily_Distracted


    Nice title. :oD

  • horny guy

    nice explanation…

  • Pornster

    Great article.

    Now what many guys will ask themselves:
    Can this muscle be trained?
    Some guys in porn movies seem to be able to shoot their cum out of their penis like other people using a hand pump.

  • waha`

    I think the amount of ejaculation is also proportionate to how big the scrotum is, since I’d the body regulates how much leaves the body. Maybe there is a drug capable of producing copious amounts and the male stars take advantage of that period of time to uh, ejaculate to the proportion of a small bottle of elmer’s glue. Something I see in japanese animated pornographic material.

    I too agree its a great article.

  • Aragorn

    LOL, lovely title phrase !! Educational post indeed. I have been fascinated by the fact that men can have orgasms without ejaculation … Something for a reader’s question some time ? Hugs – A

  • Ryan

    awesome post!

  • DZER

    I think this post was ovary interesting

  • Romantic Perv

    Just keep the puns cumming

  • Shay

    M_D – haha Thanks!

    HG – thanks! ^_^

    Pornster – hmmm I will look into that… I wonder if anyone has done a study on Peter North ^_~

    waha – I uh… okay I’m going to have to answer these questions in another post.

    Aragorn – Haha I feel like Dr Kinsey, for every answer there are 5 more questions. ^_^ I have marked this comment to be a post later, thanks for the idea!

    Ryan – Thanks! ^_^

    Dzer – Yes! More puns!! I loooooove them!

    RomanticPerv – haha I’ll do my best. ^_~

  • ArtfulDodger

    Ah no, not into the sink again!!

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