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CockBlogging Wednesday 26

This week’s cock comes all the way from Sicilia Para valley (a pretty new blog). Sicilia actually sent in two pictures, one big and hard and one soft and sweet We both had a lot of trouble trying to pick between the two! But we ended up going with this one because it looks so nice:

“To hell with my manly ego of wanting to look big and hard, let’s go soft!

I have question for your readers — what do women like better in an image of a man naked (if they even likethat kind of stuff), hard or soft?”

Give your cock some time in the spotlight – Send a picture to me( [email protected] ); I would be happy to alternate between cockblogging and cuntblogging if I were to receive any pictures from my female readers/fellow bloggers. So Ladies get out your cameras and Guys, start convincing your wives, girlfriends, close friends, etc (especially if YOU have already sent in a pic for cockblogging) ^_~

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4 comments to CockBlogging Wednesday 26

  • Madame X

    Hmmm good question!

    Though a picture of a hard cock is very nice I enjoy not hard too because I can think of all the ways I want to make that delectable cock hard!

    Thanks for sharing Silicia!

  • AlwaysArousedGirl

    Yummy. That is one gorgeous cock attached to one gorgeous body.

    Thank you, Mr. Sicilia.

  • Vixxxen

    Very nice picture, and there is nothing more fun then rolling a soft cock in your mouth and feeling it get harder as you do it.

    Love the picture, nice one Sicilia.


  • ~A-Lo~

    hmmm I agree with the rest of the ladies…greeeaaat pic ;) If that’s you soft…I can only imagine how hot the pic would be with you hard Sicilia!!
    Either which way, cocks are a turn on ;)

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