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More on Pampering your Pelvis

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Emma recently e-mailed me about my post with tips for going bare (that is, getting rid of pubic hair).
She prefers to shave and then uses baby oil and baby powder to sooth the area and make her skin soft – but she was worried that this might be a bad idea.

Baby oil and Aloe lotion are both fine for moisturizing post hair removal (no matter which method you used). Both should condition the skin without clogging the pores, though you’ll want to avoid scented lotion or lotion with dyes, because these could irritate your tender skin.

As for baby powder, it can help keep your genital region dry and can reduce irritation after you’ve taken out all that hair – but, there has been some concern about using this in the past.
Baby powder used to be made with talcum powder which is a suspected contributor to ovarian cancer (and lung cancer).

It is hypothesized that talcum powder (when sprinkled on or near the vagina or on or near the penis of a lover) could gradually migrate up the vaginal tract, through the uterus, and into the peritoneal cavity where the ovaries are. There it would irritate the cells on the ovary and generally make a mess of things.
[Back in the day, talc powders also contained traces of asbestos which is known to produce tumors and be generally icky. ]

Still, it is better to be safe than sorry (or infertile or dead) and today baby powder contains cornstarch instead of talcum powder but you should still check the ingredient list, just to make sure. Cornstarch is an organic carbohydrate that is naturally broken down by enzymes in the body. Which is good, in case any of it wanders into your vagina.

So finally – Yes, Baby Oil and Baby Powder are fine to use on your pubis, as long as you are giving the skin a chance to breath and there is no talc in the powder. (Guys you can try this too, to keep your balls from getting too itchy after you shave.)

And again, please don’t feel any pressure to get rid of your pubic hair, there’s nothing wrong with it (as long as you keep it clean) – how much you remove is up to your own personal tastes.

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9 comments to More on Pampering your Pelvis

  • figleaf

    One warning about cornstarch-based powders. Baby books recommend against using that too because bacteria and especially yeast just *love* that stuff in warm, dark, moist environments. I’m guessing if you’ve got healthy vaginal flora you’ll be fine. If you’re prone to yeast infections I’d stick with aloe or some other less edible unguents.

    One other point: Again speaking as a very frequent (face) shaver, your skin is only temporarily tender. Once you’ve eased yourself into it and your skin’s had a chance to adjust to life without a protective covering of hair it’ll toughen up (at the microscopic, not macroscopic level) and you can shave with aplomb and, most likely, get by with rinsing well, maybe with a splash of cold water, and then toweling off.

    Take care,


  • DZER

    what about hot oatmeal? or grits? or malt-o-meal? or cream of wheat?

    How do those thing stack up for groin care?


  • chelsea girl


    Thanks for the mad hott linkage, my dear (as well as your charming pink picture).

    And while we’re on the subject of shaving the tender bits–something I know somethingsomething about having stripped for six years–gentle exfoliation of the area pre-shaving will never go amiss. It helps to get those hairs into an upright and locked position and it helps to prevent ingrown hairs in the future. Also, Baking Soda makes a fabulous gentle exfoliant. As does, uh, oatmeal.


  • Strumpet

    Holy shit. Am I glad I clicked on THAT one to make it bigger!

  • Anonymous

    If you have the time and the money, and want a permanent solution–go with laser hair removal. I did it, took 6 treatments, which is what waxing would have cost for the next two years.

  • Shay

    Fig – Thanks for your input sweety. Yes, I suppose there is a chance that the cornstarch might get in the vagina and feed the flora and fauna living there, resulting in an infection.
    But just a little dusting on top shouldn’t be too problematic. Ladies, just don’t go overboard powdering or putting the baby powder past your inner labia. Also, avoid inserting toys or penii coated in baby powder.

    I’m so glad to hear that you have no problems shaving your bits fig, but sometimes things are a little more complicated with the female anatomy, we have folds and whatnot that can be a little more delicate or tricky. I’ll have to ask CG to find out if shaving gets better/easier the more you do it for women too.

    Dzer – oh you just want to eat breakfast off a pussy, admit it! Also, see CG’s comment below yours about the oatmeal.^_~

    CG – Oo thanks for the expert tips, I think I did mention exfoliation in my origional post, but I didn’t know that you could use baking powder. Very interesting!

    Strumpet – hehe I thought of you when I posted it ^_~

    Anon – thanks! I also have heard that going laser isn’t too painful either.

  • Big Ed

    Hehe…thankfully, the only part I shave completey is thick skinned enough to not have any of those problems…

    Of course, lotion ALWAYS feels nice, especially whenyou get your partner to rub it in for ya!


  • Strumpet

    Shay, I have quite the thing for penii coated in baby powder.

    Don’t ask.

    Guess I better stop that.

  • Shay

    Ed – mmm lotiony goodness ^_^

    Strumpet – hehe well you can still look at the powdered penni, just no touching (at least, not with your pussy).

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