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Film Fridays 16 – I Like A Little Flavour In my Sex…

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Thanks to AAG for spotting this vid and passing it on to me *kisses*

Warning: This song is likely to get stuck in your head
Click HERE to enjoy this week’s (not work safe) vid.
Questions like these are SO important in relationships,
if only asking them was a little more socially acceptable.
But then again, if the person you ask flips out, perhaps that’s a good indication that they might not be right for you?
In anycase, curious ass-virgin or ass-bandit, if you want to know a little more about safe and comfy anal sex, you can check THIS out.

9 comments to Film Fridays 16 – I Like A Little Flavour In my Sex…

  • Strumpet

    Being an Up The Butt Girl myself, I truly appreciated this.

    And it’s fucking hilarious.

    I think I’m gonna buy that album.

    And I think I’m going to buy me some of that Hot Cinnamon Anal Lube too! Way too much fun to be had there.


  • Cayman J

    That is great. Now I’m gonna have that song stuck in my head all day. I do however think that I will stick with regular lube and pass on the hot cinnamon one.

  • JeN

    hmmm… after not starting my essay till almost 2:00am, I am proud to say I finished at 7:34 this morning.
    My word count is 1955, baby!

    Now I will have this song stuck in my head. Thanks…

  • Aragorn

    Fabulous dear, lovely song ! Yes, THE difficult question. I just wonder how many out there asked, in what way, got rejected etc … Lovely ! – A

  • Shay

    Strumpet – hehe I’m glad you liked the vid! ^_^ I’m considering buything the album too! The song was just so catchy!
    Oh and you can get the Cinnamon Anal Lube from Lovedreamer (see my sidebar) that’s where I got the pic.

    CayJ- haha you’ll have to make jen listen to it when she gets home too, then you can sing it together!

    JeN – Haha well I did warn you about the song being catchy! ^_~ Fiew I’m glad you did get the essay done, I felt so bad distracting you for, like an hour last night!

    Aragorn – it’s a shame that some people automatically would say “ew no!” instead of giving it a chance. And it’s a shame that others try to pressure a lover who might be interested but needs more time to get used to the idea. I’m sure you never have problems like that with Orchid though ^_^

  • Remmy

    Hahaha, what a brilliant tune! Oh well, the joys of the rear entry……

  • suburban sexpot

    ha! i am going to be humming this little jewel -all- day!

  • :P fuzzbox

    You are right. I will have that song in my head all weekend.

  • jim

    LOL . . . OMG, that’s funny. Love it, Shay. You’re right, very catchy tune. Hope my wife doesn’t hear me singing it in my sleep or something . . .


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