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Shay’s Kit Picks

Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching and I know a few of you are still searching for ideas. (Heck I haven’t even picked anything up yet! - I blame exams and work). So here are a few more last minute ideas.

Personally, I think that love/sex kits are very fun – instead of picking out just one toy and wondering about accessories, you can get a whole pack of matching items!

I’ve checked out the kits that Babeland and Lovedreamer are offering and here are my top picks:
(Remember my single sweeties, you might also enjoy many of these kits – being single is no excuse for depriving yourself of fun and goodies)

The “Sweet Sensations” Kit from Babeland sounds like a lot of fun. It comes with “Midnite Fire Massage Lotion, which warms when you rub it, gets hot when you blow on it, and is totally safe to ingest. After the massage, get artistic with edible Sweet Body Paints, then jump in the tub with the Mini Bubble Bath Cupcake Fizzy and arouse desire with the waterproof Passion Flower vibe.”

The “Red Hot Lovers” kit from Lovedreamer – comes with a slim red vibe, a clear jelly sleeve (for use with the toy OR on a male partner), climax beads, and red hot cherry warming massage oil

The “Honeybun Spanking Kit” from Babeland is a fun kit for those of you who really enjoy spank play or for those of you who are interested in trying it (and it’s on sale). The kit comes with an inspirational booklet on spanking, warming oil (to increase circulation and sensitivity), soothing lotion (for tender cheeks), a bottle of cooling mist with aloe (to promote healing), and a bottle of skin nourishing lotion.

The “Kinky Couples – Toys for Play” Kit from Lovedreamer has got plenty of toys for an evening (or a series of evening) of exploration and play. It comes with a 7″ chrome multi-speed body massager with Gelatin Rubber accessories: a 7″ G-Spot pleaser, 6″ penis-shaped satisfier, and 7″ prostate stimulator. Also includes a rubber vibrating cockring that plugs into the multi-speed power pack, a CyberSkin erection ring, silicone rubber ecstasy balls and a stretchy silicone pleasure ring that fits on body massager.

The “Passions Prisoner” kit from Babeland is a wonderful item for couples who want to experiment with a bondage and rough sex play. It comes with soft fabric wrist restraints, a soft fabric blindfold, a feather tickler, tweezer nipple clamps, and an all-natural soy-based body wax candle that, with its low melting temperature, becomes a warm massage oil that can be dripped directly onto the skin.

As many of you know, I am a big fan of the Kama Sutra products. All of their kits are wonderful but here are my top three (based on price and items included):

The Kama Sutra “Treasure Trove” kit from Lovedreamer contains two items that I actually have: the pleasure balm and honey dust (with feather applicator) I haven’t reviewed the honey dust yet, but I can tell you now that I really enjoyed it. The kit also includes kama sutra’s ” skin-tingling, taste-tantalizing” oil of love.

The kama sutra “Lover’s PaintBox” from Babeland comes with three flavours of chocolate sauce and a paint brush for applying the chocolate anywhere/everywhere you’d like to lick. Chocolate and Valentine’s Day does seem like a winning combination to me ^_~

The Kama Sutra “Weekender Kit” comes with a bunch of goodies for those of you who want to sample a variety of Kama Sutra’s products: the original oil of love, pleasure balm, wild clove and mint tree luxury bathing gels, and honey dust (with feather duster).

Now it’s time for me to get back to studying but:
If you’re shopping at Babeland, remember to use my 10% discount code (1222)
LoveDreamer is now offering FREE express shipping to anywhere in Ontario and Quebec.

Looking for something that doesn’t need to be delivered? J-List has got some sexy Hentai computer games that you can download right into your computer instantly. ^_^

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