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Film Fridays 7 – A Banging Sound System

I bet you thought I forgot to post this week’s video!
Well I didn’t – I just wanted to give you a chance to read the nice little post I made late last night. honest ^_~

You can find your sexy video HERE
It’s rather short so to make up for that, please enjoy the following graphic image as well:

Huh. I don’t think I would be able to do that – well I can do that position (I *heart* Yoga) , but I think I would get “stuff” up my nose.

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7 comments to Film Fridays 7 – A Banging Sound System

  • WryGirl

    I assume there’s no purpose to that except to say ‘Guess what I can do?’

    I mean, would it feel any different to him?

  • Goose and Gander

    God, I nearly fell out of my chair!
    Shay, I can’t handle that much flexibility!!!!

  • JeN

    ha ha ha I’ve seen that video before. Hilarious!

    As for the graphic, now what is the point of that? I sure hope he makes it up to her afterward.

  • DZER

    that looks a bit uncomfortable … and shouldn’t there be a guy on the other end too? hanging from a trapeze or something? LOL

  • Desireous

    Holy fucking shit!!!!


  • Shay

    Wry – Well, I guess he might be feeling different parts of her mouth than usual? But I agree this is a very “look what I can do” kind of trick. ^_^

    G&G – haha sorry! I’ll try to warn to you next time ^_~

    Jen – haha Yeah, like eating her out while in “downward-facing-dog”

    Dzer – are you volunteering? ^_~

    Des – That what I thought too hehe

  • :P fuzzbox

    Wow, what a graphic! This couple has way too much time on their hands to come up with that position.

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