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Film Fridays 6 – A Cultural Experience

Every summer I enjoy watching the local taiko drumming group perform at various events [those of you who know me irl, know the why/how I get to see them so often]

If you’ve never seen a taiko drumming group perform, then you have missed out on something really very cool. It takes incredible skill, strength, and co-ordination to pull off a traditional performance.
I could go into some more of the history and technicality of taiko drumming, but this is a sex blog! [so if you want to know more you can wander yourself over here]

Now on with the sexy video!!

Go HERE and watch
(the taiko drummers that I know certainly don’t perform like this!)

9 comments to Film Fridays 6 – A Cultural Experience

  • pantylines

    naked chicks playing drums….that was kinda hot :-)

  • Aragorn

    Hot indeed, in particular the girls. You think they ‘blur’ the genitals in a real performance as well … ;-) Hugs – A

  • AlwaysArousedGirl

    That’s awesome.

    I want that job in my next life.

    Nekkid oiled-up drummer-girl. That rocks.

  • Cayman J

    WOW! The taiko drummers that I have seen were just as good but it performance seems so much better with hot, naked women playing. Don’t you agree Shay?

  • Big Ed

    I have to admit as well that was pretty hot…have to go back to work now and don’t really want to :-)

    Oh and btw…On my post for the music request I did forget to mention I already had your list…sorry. That was an oversight on my part. Don’t punish me too harshly :-) Or I might make the same mistake again!


  • JeN

    Man, that clip was so short! Was it bad that I was more fascinated with the drumming than with the nudity?
    Did one of those girls have a tattoo covering her back?
    That taiko drumming thing is really neat! Thanks for sharing.

  • Ale8one

    o.k. i realize i’m running a day behind, but i just have to comment on HNT because that is pure, unadulterated, mountain-snow, white-hotness. you have raised the bar. feel the pressure and keep up the good work!

  • :P fuzzbox

    That was great. But it would be very dangerous for a male to try the nude drumming. One slip of the stick and it’s curtains.

  • Shay

    Pantylines – totally, esp since they were all fit and greased up ^_^

    Aragorn – yeah, I wish they had been wearing little panties instead because the blurring looked odd.

    AAG – yeah! Me too! we can be the same group! ^_^

    Cayman J – haha yeah I agree, tho the groups I have seen were still very impressive fully clothed.

    Big Ed – can’t tear yourself away from me to get back to work? Yeah that’s a common side effect ^_~
    Hehe did you like any of the songs on my list? Don’t worry, I’ll only spank you a little. ^_~

    Jen – haha no, taiko drumming is really impressive, even when it’s not being played by naked people. ^_^ Yeah one of the girls had a really big fish tattoo on her back – I thought that looked really neat (but I wouldn’t do that myself).

    Ale8one – Aww hehe thanks! You’re too kind – flattery will get you everywhere ^_~

    Fuuz – Ooh ouch! Now you’re making me picture that!

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