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My Sidebar

I asked a friend what they thought of the poll in my blog:
“what poll?”
“the one in my sidebar”
“you have a sidebar?”

So I thought some of my readers might enjoy a little guided tour of my fabulous sidebar – there’s a lot of nifty stuff in there. ^_^

First we have my nice little page description which is old, boring, and might need to be updated… (in fact I’m just going to skip all the boring stuff in my sidebar).

Next we have my contact info: my e-mail address and my AIM thingy – if would like to send me an IM ^_^

There’s my little self description, if you click it you can see a larger version of my picture and find out some random information about me (boooooring).

Next there’s MY POLL – as long as I remember, there should be a new poll up every week or so. Make sure you vote ^_~

Then there’s my Big Purple google thingy, the content changes depending on what post you might be looking at. And this is your chance to help a poor starving student – every time you click the google thing, I get 11 cents. Clicks = a happy posting Shay. ^_^

After this you’ll find my Daisy Chain of sexy links, I’ve added a few new ones so check ‘em out.

Next there’s my archives (where you can explore my hot older post with just a few clicks) and a few ads (remember, your little Shay is a starving student ^_~)

some blogy things I’m registered with

and finally my awards (I love awards)

So there you go, that’s the end of your guided tour of my sidebar. I hope you enjoyed it and now won’t be shy to check out some of the resources I’ve got there for you.

And now here is some gratuitous hentai as a reward for joining me on this tour.

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9 comments to My Sidebar

  • Rex Venom

    I voted. And I so dig your pics!
    Rock on!

  • Numb

    YAY!!! Sidebar tour complete!! Please watch your step as you exit to the left. Great pics Shay! And so love the Hentai! *nibbles*

  • Momentarily_Distracted

    I liked the sidebar tour. It was pretty neat!
    Since my email is acting up (it does this ever so often) I’d like to leave a request:
    Would you post for me a hentai picture of just a guy? I’d appreciate it very much!

  • Shay

    Rex – glad to see you back and glad you’re liking the pix. ^_^

    Switch – “don’t forget to collect your belongings and small children or sex toys” ^_^

    MD – I’ll do my best, sometimes it can be pretty hard to find a nice hentai pic of just a guy…

  • Aragorn

    Shay, nice guided tour indeed. I admit, it made me take a closer look at your sidebar .. I have a tendency to skip these as they often seem for ‘personal use’ … thanks. ANd, YUMMY hentai ! HUGS – A

  • rnjen

    Shay ~ Thank you for the tour – I too had a closer look at your sidebar. Plus, I clicked on the ads for ya ;) …My husband and I enjoy this site, so please carry on ~

    Friend of “K” ~

  • Desireous

    Wow who would think a side bar tour could be so exciting! Great job!


  • Tommy

    Very nice site, I have added you to our blogroll. Drop by and check us out if you like. I’ll take the full tour when I’m not so likely to be fired for it.

  • pantylines

    damn! That pic is HOT!!!

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