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Back at Last!

Well, I’m back! I survived another trip to the Canadian Rockies. ^_^ My new skis were GREAT on the slopes!

I hope you didn’t miss me too much while I was away (oh, who am I kidding, of course you did!)
I missed you all – I haven’t even unpacked yet and I’m already updating!

On family vacations, I generally don’t get any sex(unless I bring along a friend) so it’s up to me to take care of things myself… manually.

I was thinking about masturbatory fantasies and how I pretty much always think about penetrative sex (which is funny, since I’m usually manipulating my clit).

But, I know not everyone does.

What do YOU think about?
[especially those of you who look at (or used to look at) those photographs of women in lingerie or swimsuits while you masturbate - are (were) you thinking about having sex with them? Or are (were) you thinking about nothing because just looking at the picture was enough?]

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12 comments to Back at Last!

  • :P fuzzbox

    I had to laugh when I noticed your use of are/were when talking about masterbation. It reminded me of the old saying. ‘There are two types of liers. Those that say that they never have and those that say they quit.’ And to answer the question, I would say that visual is not enough. But I will say that I quit. I am the second type of lier.

  • Leprechaun

    I most like to use something like the stories or images on blogs that tell of great sex. Then I imagine myself in the scene. That just works the best. Intensity relates to the degree of excitement in the story or image.
    Welcome home and HAPPY new year.

  • Alex

    Welcome back you dirty girl.

    Happy 2006 to you from us both

    Alex & Suze

  • DZER

    glad to have you back, sexy … and glad that you had a ton of fun on the slopes …

    I think of a variety of things, depending on the individual mastubatory experience, though often I reflect back on experiences I’ve already had, or on someone in a situation that I WISH had turned into an experience ;)

  • Ti

    I usually think of situations I’ve had and imagine them again or them having gone further or elsewhere… I expand on them. The sensory parts of the memory really help a lot.

  • figleaf

    Oh my, you brought back an ancient just-learning-how fantasy. When I was very young about the sexiest wanking material I had were old Sears catalogs. Specifically I liked the daring-for-Sears bikinis in the summer catalog. The most innocent-in-retrospect moments, but still one of the hottest, was reading a description of a suit with a “pull on bottom” (whatever that means anyway) and realizing in an orgasmic flash that if they could be pulled up they could also be pulled down. Woo-hoo-hoo for a mightily inexperienced 13-year-old that was smokin’ hot!

    Thanks for the memory, Shay, and happy new year.


  • ArtfulDodger

    Happy New Year, glad your trip turned out to be fun! To try and answer your question it always depends on the mood or what’s in my head swirling around at that particular moment, but sometimes it isn’t the act as much as the sensations and images associated with being with another, the touch of skin, their breath, those wonderful curves… oh my, now see what I’ve done to myself. :)

  • Shay

    Fuzz – So you’re keeping your masturbation fanatsies a secret? *pout*

    Leprechaun – ^_^ I guess that’s what makes sex blogs popular, they provide lots of masturbation fuel.

    Alex – Thanks you guys, it’s good to be back ^_^ Tho it was nice to not completely obsess over my blog for a week.

    Dzer – I missed you! So did the blog xmas party we went to provide a lot of stuff for your naughty imagination?

    Ti – fun! I’m afraid I would ruin the memory, but i’m glad that this works for you ^_^

    Fig – that literally made me laugh out loud! That reminds me of a guy I dated for a while who thought that tampons were the sexiest things ever. He didn’t really understand them, but the idea was very sexy in his mind.

    Artfuldodger – That’s very interesting; so not so much imaginning a scene but just imaginning the sensations?

  • Deightine

    Welcome back, Shay (even if a bit late on my part). My aggregator feels so lonely between your posts, truly.

    On the flipside, when feeling lonely I tend to have intimacy fantasies. It has taken me years to figure out what “does it for me”, and I am a little bit of a voyeur. My fantasies ultimately lead to imaginings of seeing others making love to my fiance. Those images are also more often than not sapphic in nature.

  • Celtic Frog

    Interesting that you should talk about clitoral vs penetrative this week…

    When masturbating, usually I’m thinking about penetrative sex but manipulating my clitoris. I’d never really thought about that before. I do know that right now my clit is practically worn out… ;)

    The last fantasy I had that really got me going, however, dealt with both penetration (double, even) and having someone else licking my clit, so I suppose that gives me the best of both worlds?

    :) Great thought provoking post, as usual.

  • Kim

    I fantasize about women all the time! Never fails! I lay back, power up the rabbit, pick a woman I’m dying to have sex with and I let my imagination and modern technology do the rest.

  • Vixen

    Welcome back! I just got back from a ski trip myself.

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