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Oh My!

My very first Bloggasm (officially it’s bloggasm #7)

A Free Book For Every Blogger (


A Woman’s Voice (

Boots (

Cane Kisses (

Compatibility (

Dominique Dane (

Halloween 15 Years Ago (

Hentai vs. Standard Porn (

I Fucked Che Guevara (

Is It Trafficking Now In My Bed? (

KITKAST #1.4 – Tommy Torque, Suicide Girls and (

Naked Ambition (

Podnography #14 – Seska, Fleshlights and the Sperm Cube (

Porn for the Blind (

2 comments to Oh My!

  • Demon Queen

    You are making me read! And I wanted to play play play. I even brought nutella. Thank goodness it doesn’t melt!

  • Aragorn

    Shay, catching up with your posts,

    1 – nice read on your cucci, and her own mind. Believe me, ‘we’ have the same ‘problem’, the difference is that it is so much more, well euh, ‘visible’ … lol.
    2 – curious to read about your new ‘tea-effects’ …
    3 – bloggasm, hmmm, worth to consider.

    Also, I will reciprocate the hentai invitation about the favorite positions. You did so beautiful … Thanks !
    (back soon)
    Hugs – Aragorn

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