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I was a Human Dessert

My assistant and I were both very excited to see what drinking Intimate teas’ “My Maple Cookie” would do to us. The following is an account of our experience/experiment:

We took our first two doses of tea on a Thursday evening. I boiled water, poured it over the tea bag, into a small teapot, and let it steep for 10 minutes (just to make sure it was strong enough). I did this twice because the label indicated that each teabag would produce two servings and it was advised that we each take two servings for our first trial.

The dry tea bag had a vaguely sweet curry type of smell, which I found very appetizing. The brewed tea, as with most herbal teas, had a very soft but pleasant flavour – a little spicy and a little sweet.

I spent the following day periodically sticking my hand into my panties, trying to find out if I was starting to smell like maple or not. Around 5pm (21 hrs since the first dose) I was excited to find that I was taking on a slightly sweeter smell.

At 7pm (23 hrs) I spotted my assistant returning from the gym. I pulled him aside so I could take a quick sniff of his genitals, to see if the tea was working on him yet. I did detect a definite whiff of a sweet smell that I would identify as maple syrupy.

The directions on the box said to wait a full 24 hrs for the tea to take effect but, just to be safe, we waited 25 hrs before we started “testing”.

My assistant decided that I should be tested first and made me lay back on the couch. He slipped me out of my pants and panties and tossed them over his shoulder. After a few tentative licks at my folds, he reported that there was indeed a strong smell of maple coming from between my legs. After ten minutes of exquisite tongue play, my assistant finished me off. As he wiped off his chin, he asserted that, although my juices did not take on any maple flavour, the maple scent was quite unexpected (since pussies do not usually smell like maple) and pleasing.

Next it was my turn to test my assistant. I snuggled my face in as close as I could and sniffed very carefully, from his balls to the tip of his penis; the maple scent had permeated everything!

I stroked and squeezed his penis a little, trying to coax out some pre-cum for a taste test. The pre-cum had not taken on any maple flavour (which did not bode well) but with high hopes I continued stroking. After a while I switched to my *patented* hand and mouth combo and brought him to climax in my mouth (purely for scientific taste-testing ^_~). I was disappointed to find no change in the flavour of his spunk. Ah well.

The tea did not affect either of us in terms of fluid flavouring, BUT it did give us both a lovely sweet maple syrup-y odour.

Although I know that my assistant didn’t have an unpleasant smelling crotch to begin with, I have gone down on a previous partner who smelled… less than appetizing – too bad I didn’t know about this tea when I was dating him!

The active ingredient in this tea is a herb/spice called Trigonella Foenum-graecum or “Fenugreek”. It grows wild in the Mediterranean and parts of China. The leaves, the shoots/sprouts, and the seeds all have a variety of uses in Indian, Thai, and Arabic cooking (it can be an ingredient in some curry powders).

Fenugreek contains the molecule “sotolon” (or fenugreek lactone) which is a potent aroma compound. When consumed this results in a pervasive maple syrup odour in the consumer’s sweat and urine. This explains why I also found that my armpits smelled sweet after drinking the tea!

In conclusion, although the tea only changed our smell, it was still quite an exciting effect. This would be perfect for anyone who is afraid of smelling unpleasant when receiving oral sex. Or for someone who is afraid to give oral sex for fear of unpleasant odours from their partner.

A maple crotch could also be a pleasant surprise for a lover that you have been away from for a while, an enjoyable treat on special occasions, or just for fun and a nice change (or to surprise a new lover!).

[As a side note, I just checked and, even two days later, my assistant still has very nice, maple smelling genitals. ^_^]

{UPDATE – I went for a jog this (Monday) afternoon (3-4 days since my last dose) and afterwards I smelled wonderfully sweet all over!}

If you want to try “My Maple Cookie” for yourself, click HERE to order. But please, help a poor student out and fill in “SHAYS” when they ask about your “”sales agent code”.

[Being an "agent" does NOT influence what I write about my experience with the teas - in case you were worried]

Buckle Up, I’ll be testing “Screaming O” next time. Update: tested! Click HERE to read my review.

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11 comments to I was a Human Dessert

  • Biker & Teacher


    Thanks for the review. Vivid explanation. It sounds as if you and your “assistant” had a great time trying this out. I know that The Biker and I have tried smoothies filled with wonderful fruits that have worked for both scent and taste. Not that I am complaining about The Biker’s scent or taste and he has never complained about my scent or taste. LOVE IT! But it is always fun to try new things. I can not wait for your next review.

    The Teacher

  • Ed

    Interesting. I can’t help thinking, though, that I love the natural smell and taste of my wife and I love the way that I can often smell her juices on my fingers hours after we’ve had sex, even after washing my hands. And if she smelled or tasted of anything other than her it wouldn’t be the same.

    Whether she would want me to smell of maple, though, is another matter.

  • Aragorn

    A sweet (mapple scented ;-) report indeed. Very frankly, I think it is very difficult to make a person’s body juices change taste. But then again, it is common knowledge that spunk does change flavor (see also the infamous and ‘juicy’ Sex & The City episode on ‘funky spunk’). We (Orchid and I) feel that drinking mango juice works particularly well … give it try !! And, for a more objective taste-testing … I think your assistant should get to taste as well … ;-)
    Hugs – A

  • Greyor

    ahhh, thank you much for the thoughtful comment! and wow, that’s very interesting about the tea. lol, if i had a girl currently, i might have to try that :) anyways, thank you again.

  • bedroomdancer

    I’ve heard that a man eating more fruit has sweeter spunk. But, as I find it all good, and I know my husband loves my smell too, the tea isn’t something we’d want. But very good post describing your scientific expirement.

  • Shay

    Thanks for the great comments everyone! ^_^

    Teacher – I’d love to know what kind of smoothies those were!

    I actually have written about flavour change before (a while ago though) ->
    But I haven’t actually tested any of these methods for myself.

    I’ve shown these comments to my assistant. We also enjoy our own (and eachothers’) natural sent and taste – but it was pretty neat to suddenly smell something pleasantly unexpected down there. Don’t knock it ’till you’ve tried it ^_~

  • Biker & Teacher


    Here is the recipe for our smoothie:

    1 cup pineapple, fresh, canned or juice
    1 cup mango juice
    1 cup pear nectar
    1 banana
    .5 cucumber, peeled and seeded
    1 tsp fresh ginger
    .5 tsp vanilla extract
    2.5 Tbs honey

    Try it and enjoy the results!

    The Teacher

  • me

    That’s so funny that it was fenugreek. My mom had an “herbal remedies” book when I was in my teens and they had a recipe for a bust-enhancing tea. So I used to drink that all the time. I wish I would’ve known what the other effects were later on! Fun!

    I’m pretty sure the tea didn’t make any difference on my cup size, sadly.

  • Anonymous

    Interestingly, fenugreek is also used to encourage lactation for nursing mothers. :-)

  • Peterm

    Hey, could you be a sales agent for a minute? How much tea was made available in the box?

  • Shay

    Peter – gee! that was a long time ago, let me try to remember. I’m pretty sure there were around 6 tea bags in the small package that they sent me.

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