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Get in "The Zone"

Erogenous zones. Everyone knows where the most popular ones are (let me give you a hint – the penis, the vulva, breasts, the lips). But, there are more than these few areas that can be erotically sensitive to touching, stroking, licking, nibbling, etc.

The largest organ of your body is your skin and it’s got tons of nerve endings all over it! Some areas have relatively few nerve connections and others have a whole lot! (like your mouth and hands) You can test which areas of your body are most sensitive by using a hair pin (careful not to poke too hard!), spread the tips from 7cm to 2mm apart. Then touch the pin to different parts of your body. The closer the tips are to each other where you can still feel both tips, the more sensitive the area. (e.g. the clitoris can feel both tips when spread to a distance of 3-4 mm, the glans of the penis when erect can feel both tips spread to a distance of 9-15mm)

Usually when we think about erogenous zones we think about areas specific to women, but guys have other areas besides the penis and testicles that are sensitive too! So let’s explore some areas that both genders have in common.

Ears – There are bundles of nerve endings in and around the ears which can make them exquisitely sensitive to different touches. Most people enjoy a little ear massage and some gentle nibbling, the trick is to find out what your partner likes best. Some people hate to have a tongue shoved in their ear, others love it.

Scalp – You know how awesome it feels to have your hair washed in a salon? Well you can take that amazing sensation to the bedroom (or wherever) too! This is often an unexpected area so you can pleasantly surprise your partner with a nice scalp massage or by gently scratching their head.

Neck – Many of my friends agree with this is an almost overwhelmingly sensitive area. Anything from light, tender kisses, to moist biting and hickies can send some people into orgasmic ecstasy. But it’s usually a good idea to start out gentle to feel out what your partner prefers before going in for the “kill” . (Also, try to keep presentation dates in mind, no one wants to defend their thesis with a huge “love bruise” visible on their body!)

Chest – Some people have a low pain threshold and so the nipple sucking or biting that you might enjoy could be very painful for your partner (alternatively some people have very insensitive nipples and may enjoy breast/pec kissing more than nipple sucking). It’s generally a good idea to start with gentle to firm rubbing (on a man or a woman) before starting in with sucking or biting.

Inner Thighs – This area is usually very sensitive because it hardly gets any attention during “normal” daily life. Anything from gently stroking to massaging, kissing, or even gentle biting, can feel great in this area.

Lower Back – Another area that rarely gets any attention. Give this area a nice massage and a few kisses, I promise that your partner will enjoy it!

Of course there are more erogenous areas than the few I’ve outlined here for you. So grab your partner (or experiment alone), be careful with that hairpin, and find out which areas are “hot spots”. The most important thing I can tell you is to try lots of things but ALWAYS watch and listen to your partner to make sure that they like what you are doing. Try playing a game where you touch them in different places, in different ways and have them let you know if they are getting “warmer”, “colder”, or “HOT!”.

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