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Orgasm Questions Answered

Dear Shay. How many times in a row is it possible for a woman to have orgasms?

Well according to what i was able to find in my research, the most scientifically confirmed consecutive orgasms for a female is 50. This experiment was conducted under carefully controlled conditions: there were video cameras, trained observers , and even electrodes taped to various parts of the participant’s body to verify each orgasm! After going through around 30 male assistants and 50 orgasms, the female participant was said to have been tired but still ready for more. However, the experimenters felt it was time to finish up since they were running out of film and it was getting late. ^_^

This feat may have been achieved through skimming. Orgasms are usually described as peaks and valleys of waves. Women who are able to achieve multiple orgasms often skim the surface of these waves; the peaks and valleys they experience will not be as extreme but it will still feel very good.

Men do not usually get to experience anything like this because, once theyejaculate and start to lose their erection, their penis will have to go through a whole phase of relaxation, rest, and re-erection before they are ready for another orgasm.

Dear Shay, How can I tell if my female partner has had a real orgasm or not?

As i have mentioned in a past article, having an orgasm is not essential for enjoying sex. A woman may “fake” and orgasm partly because it is so easy to do and partly because it makes her partner happy, but just because she didn’t actually have an orgasm doesn’t mean that she didn’t enjoy the sex.

If you really need to know, there are some tell-tale signs of a true orgasm (although they may vary across women since all women are different). Right after having an orgasm, many women will show a sexual flush – her chest, neck,and/or face will take on a blush of red for a few moments and then it will gradually fade away. Also, some women’s nipples will be erect for a while after sex, but this is less common.

The important thing to remember is that the brain is needed for most humans to have an orgasm. No matter how good you are bed, if your partner’s brain isn’t plugged in to what you are doing to them “down there” nothing is going to happen.

2 comments to Orgasm Questions Answered

  • Darkstarr

    I once read (I forget where) that a woman can reach orgasm up to ~100 times in a 24hr. period, while a man can reach ~10-12. While I don’t know if this is actually true or just a “true” statistic that someone made up, I do know that with a bit of work (and possibly some lubricant), a woman can orgasm a LOT more often than a guy can, for the reasons you mentioned above. So, 100- 120 orgasms per day for a woman doesn’t sound too farfetched to me, although I would think she would be fairly sore the next day… O.O

  • Shay

    Yeah, I’ll need to see a proper reference if you’re going to quote numbers like that; I can give you a reference citation for mine.

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