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Female Ejaculation

For many years it was thought that only men were capable of ejaculation. Female ejaculation was dismissed as a myth and many of the women who could do it ended up having surgery and/or therapy in an attempt to “fix” it [because people thought that it was urine]. But, in 1980, the medical community was finally made aware of this phenomenon when John Perry and Beverly Whipple showed a film to the Society for the Scientific Study of Sex.

The professionals at this showing saw a female being stimulated by her partner until her urethra began to swell (on a woman it’s located between the vaginal opening and the clitoris). And after a few moments, milky fluid shot out! When the fluid was examined, it turned out that it wasn’t urine at all but actually was pretty similar to the prostate fluid in men’s ejaculate.

It’s actually nearly impossible to pee while you orgasm, no matter your gender. The pubococcygeus muscle contracts to stop the flow of urine when you are peeing, and this is the same muscle that clamps down when you orgasm. This muscle contracts to keep you from emptying your bladder when you orgasm and prevents retrograde ejaculation (fluid getting sucked back into the bladder).

Female ejaculatory fluid is usually clear or milky and doesn’t have the look, smell or taste of urine. It’s as thin as water and in terms of taste, which varies with multiple factors like diet; it can taste sweet, sour, bitter or any combination of these.

Some researchers believe that the fluid is produced by the Skene’s gland (located in the G-spot) which is thought to be the female equivalent of the male prostate gland. But thus far, much of the research on female ejaculation does not give any serious data about the origin or composition of the fluid expelled.

It has been estimated that 10% of women do ejaculate during sex, but many more women may be capable of ejaculation. It is possible that not as many women have experienced ejaculation because, for female ejaculation to occur, certain psychological, emotional, and physical conditions must be met, and this can represent a significant inhibiting factor if one or more area is neglected.

It has been found that female Tantra practitioners experience ejaculation most frequently because the prolonged and uninhibited nature of tantric sex helps these women to attain the conditions required.

Ejaculation certainly is a wonderful thing; thank goodness men and women can both do it.

3 comments to Female Ejaculation

  • Willis


    My gf squirts every time. I usually get down there & lap it up so that way were not changing the sheets every time. I guess whatever works for the person.

  • Anonymous

    My girlfriend came up to my college and I finally got her to squirt while I ate her out and when I had her doggy. It was awesome

  • Danielle

    I did it once in the bathtub by fingering myself when I was about 16, but now I’m 19 and haven’t been able to do it again. Please tell me it’s like riding a bike and once you do it, you can do it again…

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