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Hi, I'm Shay.

Welcome to The S Spot!

This is a positive space where I talk about sex/sexuality, publish my toy reviews/guides, and post some pretty sexy images and videos. ^_^

I also answer reader questions - so feel free to send me a message and ask me anything. (Check my archives to see what other people have asked too, maybe someone had the same problem you did!)

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You Can Have Manners Without Forsaking Your Sexuality

I have a confession to make tonight my sweet readers.

I am a fan of what I will acknowledge as some pretty… um… what’s the word…. is it trashy? no no, surely not… well, at least some “interesting” MTV reality shows.  Of course I’ve seen all three Shots at Love,  but right now I’m following From G’s to Gents2 and The Girls of Hedsor Hall.

I’m looking forward to checking out the next episode of HH tonight, but there’s something from last week’s episode that’s still bothering me.

One of the girls works as a stripper/webcam “model” and she’s really open about this work, which I think is kinda cool.  From what I’ve seen, she seems very sex positive (which doesn’t quite match some of what they say in her bio), and sees nothing wrong with telling people about her job when asked.  This openness is what is causing her some problems.

You see, the proper ladies who run Hedsor Hall are not sex positive - they find her work disgusting and they have told her much on more than one occasion.   They are working really hard to try to encourage her to be ashamed of her work - and I kinda have a problem with that.

Of course yes she REALLY does needs to learn to have a filter when she talks about her work: it’s fine for her to not be ashamed of being a stripper.  However, it IS important to gauge your audience and realize when it might be appropriate to gloss over the details (like saying she’s a nude model rather than saying she does “promiscuous modeling” - her words!) - not because she should be ashamed of being a sexual person who strips, but because it’s not polite to make people uncomfortable (esp when you’re trying to win a contest on politeness!).

The headmistress’ “sexuality is disgusting” tactic is just not getting through to this girl, because she doesn’t understand it (imho) - too bad the stuff I shout at the TV doesn’t actually affect how the show turns out. ^_~

How about you? Any thoughts?

stripper pole

Cuntblogging Wednesday 36

Well, would you look at that - it’s not every day that we get to see the wife of another blogger appear for CBW!
Thanks SSS!

pussypiccensHey Shay - Here’s our contribution to pussy pics for Feb!

Well folks, that’s it for The S Spot’s Feb Focus on the ladies of CBW - BUT this doesn’t mean we’ve seen the last of Cuntblogging Wednesday.  So my female readers, please feel free to keep sending in your contributions!

You Don’t Have to be a Yoga Master to Trim

pube shaving

Hey Shay!
I’ve got a confession to make. I’ve been wanting to send you a pic for V-month but I’ve been to shy. See I’ve got a lot of pubic hair, I mean a lot. Balding men could make toupees out of the trimmings! Okay, maybe not that bad but it is long and thick and verging on hedge rather than bush. I do trim, but it’s getting a little difficult these days. I’m not as slender or flexible as I used to be! Do you have any tips/suggestions/pruners?

Haha, I’m sure it’s not that bad. But, if you are really interested in getting rid of some fur, try checking out your local salons/spas -the ones where they do pubic waxing- and I’m sure they would be happy to give you a nice trim with a bikini wax. ^_^

You could also try getting yourself an electric beard trimmer; put on one of the blade guards and use the fingers on your other hand to help guide it - it’s super easy to do and you don’t necessarily need to twist yourself intro strange positions to get a good view.  You’ll be able to do good job by feel and the blade guard will protect you from getting pinched or nicked. I also liked using THIS “personal shaving kit” (i.e. pube trimmers).

If you would like to get a better view when you’re trimming, try getting a nice big hand mirror: lay it on the floor and then stand or squat over it so that you can look down and see your crotch reflected back. ^_~

[We'd love to see you participate in CBW, so get trimmed up to your liking and send in a pic - that goes for all the rest of you too! ^_~]

Panda Porn in Action

Just in case you wanted to see how Panda Porn works, here’s a little video all about it!

Thanks to Propero for sharing this hilarious link.

Porn to the Rescue!

panda_sexI was watching a program the other day about panda preserves in China and all the steps that are being taken to keep this species from becoming extinct.  The humans are trying all kinds of things to help the pandas, from protecting their habitat, to working on improving their sex lives.

Apparently pandas are notoriously lazy, which isn’t too good for their sex lives.  So the human preservationists are doing things like encouraging the pandas to exercise more (getting them to climb and strengthen their hind legs, which is important for good sex thrusting) and having them watch porn.  Panda Porn.

The idea is that they will be able to pick up some tips from watching other, more experienced pandas go at it (similar to the principle of teaching chimps tasks by having them watch humans do it first or teaching gorillas how to be good mothers by having them watch videos of other mother gorillas with their babies).  I LOVE that the survival of the Pandas depends (at least partially) on Panda Porn!!

When guys told me that they used to watch porn to try to get tips for when they (finally) would get to have sex, it always made me giggle.   I’ve said before that porn may not be the best format for picking up sex tips: the sex is usually highly stylised, meant to be more aesthetically pleasing rather than feel sexy, and is preformed by exceptional members of the population (i.e. they are certainly not the average person and thus may have developed skills - like launching their spunk - that most people can’t do).

Don’t get me wrong, I AM all for watching porn, but mainly just for getting off - not so much for trying to learn about technique or how sex will happen for you (e.g. you probably won’t usually end with a money shot).

However, that’s not to say that you can’t learn anything from watching porn.  Generations of young men have learned from watching porn that sex usually starts with foreplay; couples have been able to pick up interesting new sex positions, and anal sex has seen a huge increase in popularity (either a good or a bad thing, depending on how much you enjoy it ^_~).   From watching porn, you can garner a better understanding of the basic mechanics of sex; which many inexperienced young people are desperate to understand.  So I guess watching porn can help Pandas and people learn a little bit more about having sex for the first time. panda hentai

Toy Review - Panty Pal

vibrating-panty-palI have to admit that my first thought when I opened up the Vibrating Panty Pal that my pals at VibeReview sent me, was  “wow, its bigger than I expected”.  I don’t know why I thought it would be some tiny little thing haha.  Actually, you can click through the pic above to see a shot of it next to my pussy for a size comparison.

The panty pal has 4 essential parts:  I have the star-shaped front cover, a vibrating bullet with magnets on it, a jelly sleeve that goes over the bullet, and it comes with two sets of watch batteries (yay!).  [Interestingly, I noted that it says on the box "uses 2 watch size batteries, 4 included" which is not what I found in the box: the toy takes 3 batteries and 6 are included in the package.]

The batteries were very easy to get into the toy (worth mentioning because I have some toys where the case is a real struggle) but I found that as soon as I dropped in the first battery, the toy starting vibrating - which was kinda weird.  Turns out that the vibrating panty pal is yet another toy from the California Exotic Novelties company that comes with an on/off switch that doesn’t work at all.  Anyway, once I had the batteries in, it was time for the actual trial part of the review:

What I liked: the magnet actually worked quite well and I felt like it held pretty securely, which is nice because you can position the bullet exactly where you want it and it’ll stay.  The vibrations were fairly strong (the toy only has one speed setting) and constant - the motor is relatively quiet too. Also, although I mentioned that the entire thing was a bit bigger than I expected, it is still small enough to tuck away under a skirt or in your pants (as long as they aren’t too tight).

What I didn’t like: it was disappointing that the on/off switch didn’t work  but I think what would have been even cooler is if the toy came with a pulse setting or some sort of time delay - so you could wear the toy all afternoon out in public and have it go off at random.

This toy would be great for: people who want to enjoy some discrete vibration assisted masturbation - esp in public places. If your on/off switch works, this could be very fun to wear at a party. ^_~

The Vibrating Panty Pal gets a magnetic 5 out of 105of10

Hook-Up Contest Winners!

it was REALLY hard to pick a winner in my SundanceChannel Hook-Up Contest!

Too hard, in fact - all the entries were so good!!
So I decided to leave it up to fate and generated some random numbers to help me pick the winners:

Third Prize goes to Ki Two with her cute story about being interupted by a dog while sneaking sex outside and having her pants scared… well I guess they were scared back on her!  haha

Second Prize goes to Bo with his story of the homework ultimatum: either finish your assignment or take off your pants!


First Prize goes to JD with his long story about a perfectly awful handjob on an airplane!

Congrats to all the winners!!  Your prizes should be in the mail soon!

A HUGE thanks to the SundanceChannel’s Naked Love for sponsoring this contest!

Cuntblogging Wednesday 35

Jan and Zan sent in some great entries for a contest I had a while back - unfortunately fate didn’t pick them to win BUT I couldn’t resist posting this lovely little pic, perfect for CBW:


Uncensored this week because that’s just how I roll sometimes

After Anal

anal hentai

I haven’t had anal sex in a long time, that is until last night. My previous experiences weren’t terribly successful (he only got a little way in and not a lot of movement) but this time, there was a lot of movement and pleasure - it was fantastic! My issue is that today, I’ve been in the bathroom many times with what I will politely describe as, “loose stool”. Is this normal?

There could be many reasons for your post-anal bathroom issues: it could be a co-incidence and you happened to have eaten something bad or caught a stomach bug; it could be that all that movement churned things up and this is your body’s reaction to something new; it could be a reaction to the lube (i.e. it’s lubing everything else too on it’s way out or even an allergy); or it could be that some tissue was damaged.

I’m sure things are fine, you probably would have felt it at the time if there was any damage (make sure you’re using a good non-numbing and viscous lube to keep everything nice and slippery), but do get checked out by your doctor if things don’t sort out themselves out after a few days.

This doesn’t happen to everyone and it shouldn’t happen every time, but it can, so it’s good to be prepared.

P.S. I would also like to note that I am in no way a trained medical professional.

respect the poon