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Archive for December, 2006

A Week Without Internet?!

I’m off to the mountains!I’ll be doing a little skiing as soon as I’m feeling up to it (still recovering from the flu), relaxing the the hot springs, etc – I’ll see you all back here next Friday for a late Film Friday feature!xoxo
P.S. If you get bored while I’m away, feel free to [...]

Cockblogging Wednesday 50 – Late but not Forgotten!

I was too sick yesterday and the day before to post.So please enjoy a CBW double feature to make up for my lateness!
first we have Chaka:
“things are bigger in texashope your readers enjoy“
And next we have bryan:
“I’m dying to read the reactions!“
Hope you’re all having a great day!
cockbloggingwednesday, cock, photo, cockblogging, cuntbloggingwednesday

Merry Holiday to You!

I’ve got the flu, but here are some classic S Spot Xmas Specials.
Holiday BakingThe Personal TouchFilm Fridays – Saving XmasMerry Sexmas To All! (2005)Sexmas Gift Guide 2Film Fridays – Reindeer GamesThe Ultimate VoyeurRudolph’s CoochThe Xmas CockFilm Fridays – Stuffing your stockingCockful of CheerJingle BallsS Spot Mad Libs – Sexmas Edition

S Spot Mad Libs – Sexmas Edition

Mad libs are a fun little game where you pick words to fit into the blanks of a story – or, in this case, a song. The song I’ve chose is “Santa Baby” by Marilyn Monroe, it’s a pretty sexy song already, but let’s see what you kids can do with it. ^_~
“Santa baby, [...]

Jingle Balls

Here are two more of our favourite cocks from the S Spot Xmas Cock Contest:(these runner-ups are in no particular order)
It’s a heat seeking, light-up sexmas cock!
Oo nice ball(s)!

cock, photo, cockblogging, blog contest, free porn

Cockful of Cheer

Here are a couple more of our favourite cocks from the Xmas Cock Contest:

CJ getting his jollies on:^_~
This one was origionally JeN’s pick for first place:
JeN says: ” * pros: it made me laugh, original, it obviously took some time to make * cons: I don’t understand the “tan-an-balm” bit so, point [...]

Film Friday 55 – Stuffing Your Stocking

It’s not well produced, but these girls do have a cute xmas message for you:^_~oh those teases!!
I really did mean to only post one video, but this next one was just too funny to resist:The new camcorder comes with a beer goggle setting – sweet!
porn, video, sex, film Fridays,Christmas,tease

Festive HNT

It’s that time of year again folks!Today, your very own Shay will be spending some quality time in the kitchen, baking holiday cookies and listening to the awesome new xmas music that I burned to CD last week.
Hopefully the oven will heat up the house a little bit because it’s c-c-cold here!!(also, notice my festive [...]

Cockblogging Wednesday 49 – The Xmas Cock

The S Spot Xmas Cock has been chosen!
Today JeN, AAG, and I slipped into our thinking panties and spent many hours arduously pouring over the submissions.
It was hard (heh), there were a lot of great entries that we really loved and picking a winner was very difficult!
But finally, we were able to decide on the [...]

Rudolph’s Cooch

Did you know that it’s not just male reindeer who grow antlers?
In fact, not only do female reindeer grow impressive racks (heh), but they keep them until the spring – unlike the young males who lose theirs in early December.
Traditionally Santa’s reindeer always seem to have antlers, so it seems pretty likely to me that [...]