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CockBlogging Wednesday 206

Another lovely reader has come to rescue CBW with a submission,
CBW is safe for another week!

Gday Shay, I don’t usually have problems with awkward hard ons during the day but at night!  Picture it. You’re in bed trying to get a some sleep and about 3AM you get a boner that simply won’t quit!!!  Sure; I can beat it down (so to speak) but when you do that you are so wide awake that you still can’t get back to sleep for an hour or more.  So what’s a bloke to do? Lie awake and wish the bloody thing away (after an hour or two it DOES go away) or deal with it in more pleasant ways?  My lady is usually willing to ‘assist’ but this is not option at the moment because of medical issues. Hand jobs are a poor and messy substitute for real lovemaking.  So that’s my story which is seems to fit in with both your latest entries in your blog!

For the record – I much prefer the term “hard-on” to the term “boner”, so I appreciate that Oscar here mixed it up a bit.

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