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Cockblogging Wednesday 205

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Five Internet points to the first person to identify the plant this week’s submitter is hiding behind.
And a 100 Internet points to the first person who figures out how it (VERY abstractly) relates to the lecture slides I was just making about audition.

Eleventy Hundred points to anyone else who sends me CBW photos – my stockpile is running very low ladies and gents.

But anyway – on to this week’s submitter!


Hi Shay, Since you’re running low on pictures, I decided to send this one.  It’s a last attempt to enjoy the warm sun before the cold weather takes hold.

4 comments to Cockblogging Wednesday 205

  • Inquiring_M1nesing basild

    I’m saying basil, as far as basil relates to auditions, I don’t know. The best I can think of is that they require lots of direct light, kinda like a spotlight?

  • Oooh 5 points to IM!!

    I will give you another hint for the 100 points – when I said audition, I meant, like, with your ears. ;)

  • Tabitha

    Hmm… Does it involve talking to plants? Something to do with how tone of speech can make them grow better?

    My second guess is the Basil audio-visual company.

  • hehe
    I guess it was pretty darn nerdy and obscure – it has to do with the BASILlar membrane in the inner ear. ^_~

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