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Non-Denominational Holiday Contest!

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Shay-Claus is teaming up with the people over Eden Fantasys
to bring the sexy to your sexmas!

What am I talking about?
Why a Merry Holiday Contest of course!!

Complete with prizes that will for sure jingle your bells and innuendo any other holiday references you can think of!

Prizes like what?
Good question!

Remember when I reviewed the Lucky 13?  How about one of those?
Hmm but I feel like you’d also need an Eve
And how about some lingerie?

Yeah, that’s the ticket!

Alright, now I’m sure you’re wondering how you can have a chance to win one of these fabulous prizes.
Well, it’s very simple my dear readers.

Just leave a comment below telling me what aspect of the Holiday Season makes you feel sexy
I wanna know what and how/why!

You have until Dec 20, 2010 to send in your entry!

17 comments to A Non-Denominational Holiday Contest!

  • Dak-o-Dak

    My honey promised me a sexy present on Christmas. Having fantasies about what it might be is the sexiest aspect of it.

  • Tabitha

    I know most people don’t think of cold as sexy, not when it’s the weather anyway, but I love it. When I’m cold I can cuddle up to my honey and we can warm each other up. Plus, I sometimes enjoy that “blush” caused by the nippy winds. It makes me feel ruddy, something I associate with sexuality.

  • Allonsy

    Fireplaces… they’ve always got that certain spark to them, and they’re so very warm…

  • Matt

    uhm, from where i’m from, the sky doesn’t get any clearer than at Christmas time. I just love gazing at the stars and all its wonder.

    Snuggling under a blanket on a chilly night while gazing at the stars and into the eyes of your OH is quite nice too.

    pardon the cheese, the romantic in me is speaking. LOL

    ps. do we get to choose the prize? :P

  • Darthbane

    The longer, colder nights are the thing about the holidays that’s the best for me. Nothing better than snuggling in bed with that special someone – you never know where it might lead ;)
    At the least, you have a woman in bed who is VERY willing to let you hold her close and tight!

  • ndo

    For me, the sexiest part is all the candlelight, especially on Christmas Eve, when all the presents have been set out, and my wife and I get a chance to rest. I like to lay her down by the tree and see how much wax has collected in all those candles. The waxy red and green streaks our bodies are left with after we play is always something to see!

  • JR

    I’d have to say the sexiest part of the holidays are the snow storms. I love the thought of getting snowed in with my wife for a long peaceful weekend. We’re always so busy running from one activity to the next. The few times we’ve been snowed in without power, we stayed in bed and invented new games to play together.

  • Amanda

    I think the sexiest part of the holidays are the secrets. Trying to hide things from each other (and trying to find them) makes everything more fun. Searching through his pants pockets while he’s still wearing them is very sexy.

  • Jesibel

    I love that I get to splurge on something sexy to surprise him with, and of course being able to snuggle up in front of a fire is always very sexy!

  • CLP

    I know its silly, but having an excuse to dress up is always fun! I love the little ‘santa’s helper’ outfits. Pair that with a little Santa Baby dance and you have a holiday to remember! :D

  • DS

    I’m doing long distance with the boyfriend right now, and I’ll be going down to visit him and meet his mom for the first time (gulp) for Christmas. Our first night back together is definitely going to make me feel sexy ;)

  • pecola

    The sexiest thing about the holidays is definitely the mystery–sneaking around so that your loved ones don’t know what they’re getting or where their gifts are hidden…

  • Siennasai

    The sexiest part about the holidays is how the darkness is softly illuminated by multicolored lights–whether it be outside, up and down every street, or on the floor next to the Christmas tree. XD

  • Chrystally

    The thing that makes me feel sexy during the whole holiday season is the sexy advent calender I made up for my boyfriend =)
    Advent calenders are a German tradition and they are used to count down the days from 1st of December to Christmas Eve. They consist of 24 small parcels and the owner may open one each day to recieve a little surprise. You can buy these for children with chocolate in them, but I made one for my BF myself with sexy gifts in it. This may be anything: a voucher for a massage or for a lap-dance, new lingerie, a Jenga Egg (thanks for your hint on that, Shay!), bodypaint, a bath additive…
    Of course, he ist the one who opens the parcels, but we always enjoy the content together, and that makes me feel sexy every evening for 24 days =)

  • Heather

    I love cuddling and snuggling under warm, soft blankets. Sharing body heat always makes me feel sexy. Doing those things by the fire, with some hot chocolate or lit by Christmas tree lights just makes it all better. :)

  • I am a sucker for christmas flannel pajama’s! They are warm and cozy, and good for snuggling!

  • Jacqueline

    Christmas requires me to go home with my girlfriend to her less than approving household…where we somehow always manage to have super stealthy sex in the twin bed in her childhood bedroom. Makes the holidays worth it!

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