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Diary of a Futa (part 14)

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Seems about time that we saw the next chapter of DoaF
I mean, I did kinda leave you on a cliff-hanger last time, didn’t I?

You might want to read part 10 if you’d like to follow this section of the plot from the beginning or just refresh your memory.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you should probably go all the way back to read some of the older entries.

Back with us?
Read On!

Marny and I stopped moving and strained to hear in the darkness.  Who was outside my room!?  Then my door, once again, was quietly opened and closed again.

“I knew it!”  A voice whispered loudly from the shadows by the door.

Laura crept over to the bed.  “I was just laying in bed, contemplating a wank when I thought to myself that Marny’s pussy was probably aching for a good pounding.”

“Hey,” exclaimed Marny in mock indignation, “I’m not some kind of sex maniac, like you!”

“Well,” continued Laura, “I was just making my way over to your room to see to that naughty pussy of yours Marny, when I heard moans coming from THIS room so I decided to see what was going on and here I find you two.”

“Well you’re welcome to join in,” I said, eager to get back to climbing my way to orgasm.

“But my pussy is being well taken care of,” said Marny in mock haughtiness.  “You know whose pussy IS in desperate need off attention though?”  And, to make her point, Marny once again slid her fingers into my pussy, making me moan on command.

Within seconds Laura had joined us on the bed and we were a jumble of hands, and cocks, and sopping wet pussies as we worked ourselves into a suitable position for what Marny and Laura had in mind.

In the end, Marny was on her back while I knelt over her, driving my girl-cock hard into her cunt, in the meantime, Laura knelt behind me, grabbing my hips firmly and following my movements to pound her girl-cock into my pussy each time I rose up from Marny’s.

Once again I enjoyed the dizzying sensation of fucking and being fucked, but out of sync – because as I drove into Marny’s pussy, Laura’s girl-cock pulled out of my pussy – creating a confusing dynamic where every moment I was both moving towards and away from a pleasing sensation.  It was thrilling and confusing at the same time.

I think Laura came first, thrusting deep into my pussy, sending her thick ropes of girl-cum deep inside me.  Then Marny came an instant after, drawing my girl-cock as deep as possible into herself as her pussy convulsed around my cock, while Laura’s cock was still pulsing inside me.  I closed my eyes and felt my own release overflowing, the three of us quivering together in different stages of orgasm.

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