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Diary of a Futa (part 13)

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Are you surprised to see another section up so soon?
Pleasantly surprised I hope.

Once again I really suggest that you skip on back to the previous section (part 12) so that you know what is going on.
In fact, you might want to read part 10 if you’d like to follow this section of the plot from the beginning or just refresh your memory.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you might want to go all the way back to read some of the older entries.

Once you’re ready,
read on!

As usual I welcome any comments below.


Dinner was not as awkward as I was worried it was going to be.  Eric was cool and fun to talk to: he regaled us with hilarious stories about his co-workers, asked us about school, and told us about the work he was going to be doing in Europe.

Laura and I  had both put on a pair of tight jean shorts, in an attempt to control any awkward erections that might… spring up.  Awkward erections are that much more awkward when your sex isn’t supposed to have erections at all!

By 1 am we were all yawning into our after-dinner drinks and decided to wrap things up for the night.  Eric and Marny were still pretty wiped from traveling and Laura and I had exhausted ourselves fucking on the back porch earlier (not that we mentioned this to Eric or Marny). Before long we were each snuggled into our respective beds in our respective rooms.

Originally Marny, Laura, and I had all intended to share the king-sized bed in the master bedroom, but, since that was technically Eric’s room and since he didn’t know about us, we figured we’d better split up into the other three bedrooms.

I was just dozing off when I heard a small noise: my door opened and closed quietly as someone snuck into my room.

“I can’t sleep” whispered Marny in the dark.

I shifted to make room for her in the bed and she crawled in next to me.  “Are you worried because Eric showed up?”


“Is your headache still bothering you?”


“What is it then?”

Marny shifted closer and pressed her bare and quite damp pussy against my thigh, “I’m too horny to sleep!”
Instantly I felt my girl-cock stir, Marny reached over and started to play with my breasts as she continued to grind her pussy on my thigh, pinching my nipples every so often.

“I heard you and Laura on the back porch; I woke up when you two were just finishing.  I started to finger myself, but then my cousin arrived and I didn’t get to finish.”

I felt like I could hear her pouting in the dark.  As she spoke she had moved from pinching my breasts to sliding her hand down my body until she was gripping my cock, which was getting harder by the milisecond.  To punctuate her point, she slid her hand farther still and dipped three fingers into my equally excessively eager pussy, making me gasp and arch my back.

“Maybe I should just leave you like this now, so you’ll see what it’s like,” she said, trying to sound menacing, but I could still hear the teasing lust in her voice.  “I could barely concentrate all night,” she continued, ” I just kept thinking about how hard I would have been fucked before bed if Eric wasn’t here.”

“Well,” I said, “Eric isn’t here now.  So stop being such a pouter and spread your legs.”  We threw the blankets back and Marny climbed on top of me.  I was fully hard now and held the base of my shaft steady with one hand while Marny slowly lowered her pussy towards my girl-cock head.

She gasped quickly as I started to penetrate her, I could feel her pussy stretching open for me in the dark while she slowly slid down my shaft.  I desperately wanted to just grab her hips and slam my girl-cock deep inside, but I forced myself to let her chose the pace.

“Have I told you and Laura that you two are the biggest I’ve ever had?”  She leaned forward, smooshing our breasts together, to whisper in my ear.  I laughed “only at the top of your lungs every time we’ve fucked together.”

She giggled and then lowered herself the rest of the way onto my girl-cock.  Unlike Laura, who liked to tease herself by slowly impaling herself on my shaft, Marny had a greedy pussy – in one movement she slid all the way down, plunging my girl-cock deep into her pussy and turning my giggle into a groan.

“We should try to be quiet,” she whispered, “I don’t know how well sound carries in this place.”

I nodded in agreement, moaning softly as she slid up and down my shaft.  Every time she reached the bottom, I would get an extra thrill as her body also pressed against my pussy – it was really hard to keep quiet.

We stayed fucking like that for a while; Marny bouncing up and down, both of us panting and aching for release. Then, leaning backward, Marny reached behind her and slid her fingers into my soaking wet pussy – my hips bucked and I groaned loudly.  Marny shushed me and murmured in my ear “your pussy is just as greedy as mind, do you have anything we could stuff in there?”

But before I could answer, we heard a floorboard creak outside my room.

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