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Diary of a Futa (part 12)

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Well hey there readers!

Have you been anxiously waiting to hear what happens next to our brave futa girls?
Well then you’d better get your ass back to part 11 because this next section takes place immediately after!
In fact, you might want to read part 10 if you’d like to follow this section of the plot from the beginning or just refresh your memory.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you might want to go all the way back to read some of the older entries.

As usual, I hope you enjoy.
Feel free to drop a comment or two below.

I’m not sure how long Laura and I fucked each other like that.  But I do know that near the end I became aware that we had shifted: I was on top of her, facing away,  pounding my cock into her soft pussy, while at the same time driving her dick hard into my own cunt.

When we did come, we came hard – I cried out and my vision went dark for a moment, as if my whole brain was focusing on this explosive orgasm.  I could feel my girl-cum shooting out of my clit-penis in great spurts, and at the same time was aware of the sensation of Laura’s girl-cock pulsing and filling my pussy with her own girl-cum.

After a moment we collapsed, panting, on the deck.

“Fuck, pass me my beer, I’m parched,” Laura murmered, her voice hoarse from screaming.  I slid off to lay beside her, our bits slipping apart from each other wetly, and handed her a bottle. “You were right, that was amazing” she exclaimed, after taking a swig.

“I didn’t know it would be so… intense” I replied, after taking a swig of my now lukewarm beer too.

We lay in silence for a while, enjoying the early evening sun and sipping our beers – while our now soft cocks dried in the light breeze and our pussies slowly dripped one another’s girl-cum onto the beach blanket we had laid down.

After finishing my beer I stood up. “I’m going to take a quick shower”

“I’ll order a pizza,” replied Laura, standing and slipping her bikini bottoms back on.  I watched as she neatly tucked her girl-cock in against her pussy, it wasn’t terribly noticeable once it was soft and tucked away like that.

Marny slept on while we took turns showering. After I had finished washing off, I quickly pulled out a fresh pair of panties and put on a light sun dress.  Then ventured out into the main living area to wait for the pizza delivery person while Laura took her turn in the shower.

While I waited, I poked around the living room, checking out the photos Marny’s relatives had on display there.  There were a few of Marny and her cousins as little kids, playing in the sand on the beach.  There was also what looked like a pretty recent photo of the cousin whose beach house we were borrowing.  He was pretty hot, I guess, not really my type though – he had a slim build and wore his wavy blond hair long.  I’m not that into surfer guys, but I could see why Laura had kind of a crush on him.

Presently the doorbell rang and I scampered over to answer it.  I was suddenly ravenous and I didn’t think I could wait for Laura to get out of the shower before I had my first slice.  I was so focused on paying and getting that first slice of pizza into my tummy that I was really confused when the delivery guy started laughing at me.

“Shit girl, are you going to let me into my own house or what?”

I goggled, the guy at the door with the pizza had a slim build and shaggy blond hair over his ears – it was Marny’s cousin!  My jaw dropped.

“Dude, we thought you were in Europe for the next couple of months!”

“Oh yeah, that contract got delayed by a few weeks, I don’t head out until the 20th now – so I thought I would come and hang out with my fave cousin and her lovely friends.”  I could sense him looking me up and down as he finished his sentence and tried not to blush while I remembered that I hadn’t bothered to put on a bra under my thin dress.  I could feel my nipples stiffening under his gaze and tried to cover it up by taking the pizza from him, hoping the movement would distract him.

I needn’t have worried, because at that moment Laura came out of the bathroom wrapped in a short towel and Marny simultaneously emerged from the bedroom we had taken over.

“Eric!”  they both exclaimed at once – except Laura said it with excitement while Marny looked slightly alarmed.  Marny’s reaction was understandable, we had come to Eric’s beach house expecting him to be away so that we could spend the first part of our summer vacation having fun and fucking each other’s brains out in privacy.  Laura’s reaction was also understandable, like I said, she’d had a many a masturbatory fantasy about Eric since she first met/made out with him and had clearly forgotten that her new “crotchular” addition might make further make-out sessions a little awkward.

3 comments to Diary of a Futa (part 12)

  • PsycheDiver

    Fantastic, if a littls short ;) Honestly if the updates were just a tad more frequent this length would be perfect.

    As for content, I was happy to see a little more focus on ejaculate. In past installments I was surprised on how little detail it was given, since for a girl it most be one of the more surprising aspects and sensations of the new addition.

    At some point, she should put her cum under a microscope or something. Her findings would be an awesome lead-in to a larger story if you wanted it to be. I’ve always been fond of futa world-domination stories.

    I can see where you are going with the Eric character. Someone to hide from. However, I might also remind you of another popular futa story mechanic, that if a futa cums in you, you are subjugated by that futa.

    I really look forward to future installments. As always, I am available to you as a resource and sounding board.

  • BoobLover

    Aw, ended to early. Cant wait to find out what happens with Eric though! Will he find out about them being futa’s or can they hide it long enough? Can’t wait!

  • Wow! I love your blog! Hentai is amazing and Futanari is so hot! Nice Pics!

    I’ll have to read your story from the beginning :)

    - 4

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