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Sexy Summer Contest - NOW CLOSED

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As you may have noticed,
it’s summer.

The weather is hot, the clothes are skimpy, and people are feeling frisky.

Which has gotten me thinking about some of the very fun places I’ve enjoyed getting off.

But instead of telling you about my sexual exploits…
I’d actually like to hear about YOURS.

In fact, so would the lovely people at Good Vibrations.

In fact, we’re SO interested in hearing your snippet of summer sexiness, that we’d like to give one of you a prize for telling us about it!

So please:
Leave a comment bellow
telling us a little about a time when you really enjoyed getting off somewhere unusual.
In the bathroom at work? In a hotel while a friend slept in the next bed? In a car parked somewhere remote? In the water at a public beach? Were you alone?  Were you with a friend?  Did anyone catch you?)

Do this an you’ll have a chance to win your choice of either:

A set of Tenga Eggs
A C-Spot Vibe


This Contest will be open until Aug 14, 2011
Entrants MUST be 18 yrs of age or older
Entrants must reside in Canada or the US


17 comments to Sexy Summer Contest – NOW CLOSED

  • ? & I had sex in a WOOD-HEATED hot tub at a B&B earlier this year. After I’d come and we’d disengaged, some of my spunk came out and was floating in the water. We knew one of the other couples staying at the B&B were going to be using the hot tub soon. So in our haste to catch the spunk and throw it over the side, ? accidentally leaned against the chimney with her elbow. It sizzled.

  • Timbo

    Well, the most exciting place that we ever decided to have some playtime was actually when we were camped out at the bottom of the grand canyon. There were other groups of hikers/campers nearby too, so we had to be extra quiet when we decided to mess around :) Not to mention we had to muffle our battery-powered toys when it came time to bust them out :P

  • Kaimelar

    The sexiest and most unique place I’ve ever gotten off was camping in some woods in Northern California. I had backpacked in several miles with some friends, but was off by myself taking some “alone time.” Needless to say, a bed of leaves and pine needles along with peaceful nature silence provided a wonderful atmosphere for further pleasures of the flesh.

  • Samantha

    I can’t say it is the most sexy, but it is certainly different (I’d like to think so).

    I was at a hobby/gaming store with some new friends I met for the first time that night. Our dungeon master was so very very handsome. The way he moved, spoke, and conducted gaming business (of all things) made me so incredibly hot and bothered. I had to excuse myself to the restroom there and get myself off before it got to the point of me jumping him on the table all over the hex map. When I was in the bathroom all over the walls were pictures of scantily clad women in nothing but chainmail. I had an amazing climax while in there… fun times!

    P.S. I started dating the DM a week later.. and yes, he was amazing in bed, too!

  • Sara

    Maybe not so unusual, but I got off in my dormroom, with the blinds open. My roommate and her S.O were sleeping in the bed across the room and I couldn’t help it. I came in really really horny and since they were asleep I rubbed myself off, After hastily and quietly cleaning up, I rolled over to sleep. About 20 minutes later I heard them going at it too. I don’t know if I woke them up or if they just woke up, but I went to sleep listening to their moans.

  • Belinda M

    There was a guy I used to talk to online. We never met, never talked on the phone just in messenger. He used to buy me all kinds of cool little toys to play with and he was rather controlling. At one point in time when I had plans meet up with friends to the casino, he told me that if I made myself have an orgasm while in my car in the parking lot he would buy me something special and would be very pleased with me. I brought along one of my smaller toys and was wearing a skirt and did exactly as he asked. No one seemed to notice but wow did I feel naughty and amazingly good for quite a while afterwards

  • CLP

    When visiting my sweets earlier this summer in England, we had a quickie oral session in the carpark. It couldn’t have been more than 10 minutes but we finished him off and proceeded to a guided tour of the Cathedral. ^_^

  • It is not the most interesting place but I have had the most intense orgasms talking to one of my friends on the phone in my room. The fun part was that he did not even know that i was getting myself off. It was amazing.
    asha. [email protected]

  • I “road-tested” the MyVibe app on my iphone one afternoon while waiting in the carpool line to pick the kids up from school. Not very exciting, I know, but it was a great tension reliever.

  • Chi

    I don’t know if it’s the most sexy place I’ve gotten off, but it’s certainly unusual. Last summer I worked at a church camp and during a weekend I was texting my boyfriend in the cabin. He persuaded me to ‘help him along’ and so we played with ourselves while texting each other. It was so exhilarating knowing that I could be caught but I couldn’t help it. It made my week.

  • ezoltanl

    Two weeks ago, my girlfriend and I were driving back from Inception when we were struck with a sudden case of extreme horniness; it must have been the full moon. We were in a semi-rural area so I pulled over in the first driveway/road. Still visible from the main road, I threw her on to the hood in our patented jump-tackle style and got her warmed up. Thank god for skirts. Ignoring the occasional car driving by, we fucked like it was Armageddon. Needless to say, that was some of the best sex I’ll probably ever have.

    After we’d finished, as we were getting back into the car someone pulled in, presumably the owner. We just smiled and waved, while he appeared very confused.

  • Meganekko

    My sexiest summer hook-up happened about 3 years ago. I was traveling around Germany with a friend of mine (whom I frequently slept with) via train in a semi-private compartment. For most of the trip, we’d shared the compartment with an older couple from Sweden, but on this particular evening, we were alone. We were heading to Berlin, and about 10 minutes outside of the city, the train broke down. For some reason, this meant that the interior lights of the train needed to be dimmed, and there was an air of anticipation as we waited for someone to announce what was going on.

    Naturally, we were both (very suddenly) overcome with the need to fuck on the train.

    What made the whole thing so sexy was the element of getting caught: at random intervals, the conductor would walk through and check to compartments to make sure we were all doing alright, and we had no idea how long the train was actually going to be stalled.

    45 minutes later, we were in Berlin. I don’t think we enjoyed any other stop on the trip *quite* as much.

  • Back during my college days I used to have an 80s radio show at the campus station. It was all run by students and wasn’t terribly well funded, but it was lots of fun! The studio was just a couple of rooms in the basement of one of the dorms with a booth, a big couch, and a huge set of speakers. Once the music was programmed in I often had quite a bit of time before I had to be on air again – the perfect time to break in that big couch with my sweetie. Occasionally we would even leave my mic on low, just to see if anyone noticed us behind the music!

  • s

    The strangest place i’ve ever gotten off was in the back of a bike trail with the boy i was dating at the time. He still references that time at the trail as his favorite sexual memory, and it’s up there for me, too, because it was the same day i found out that i can cum without even having to touch below the beltline… : )

  • Last week, hubby and I went for a drive. Nowhere in particular. Sometimes we like to just take off with no destination in mind. Just getting a new bullet a slipped it into my purse with him knowing. While driving down the highway (he was driving), a slipped my skirt up to my waist which took him by surprise and began to play with my myself, then reached reached into my purse for the bullet. Staying out of arms reach, it was arousing to watch him squirm while trying to keep the car on the road as I got off. After soaking the front seat with my juices, I reached over and felt that he was rock hard. I finished him off with some good ole road head. ;)

  • Lilly Anne

    We once dragged a blanket out into a redwood forest. The view was lovely, but the spiders did not take kindly to us sexing it up on top of their space. They came onto the blanket to complain and we high-tailed it out of there for less-spidery screwing back at home.

  • matt

    my hot summer fling was just a few weeks ago.

    My family went to Wisconsin Dells to spend a few days in a water park. Now a family trip usually means, clean wholesome fun but I was fortunate enough to have a dirty and naughty moment.

    The outdoor water park was closing up, around 8 p.m. I went to the men’s shower room to rinse off a days worth of chlorine. Thank God it was empty. I strip to my birthday suit and start rinsing off. The scenario suddenly reminded me of the shower scene of starship troopers (gang shower where both guys and gals took baths). Since I was alone and figuring that no one uses the showers since the hotel is 10 steps away, I started rubbing my dick. I got hard quick. I was so into it that I didn’t notice one of the cute asian life guards step up beside me. I did not protest but didn’t edge her on either. She moved in on me on her own and started to stroke my slowly while facing me. I pulled her swim suit aside, fondled her breasts and rubbed her pussy in appreciation. She said i couldn’t fuck her since we had no protection and proceed to rub me harder and faster. I stick two fingers in her in reply. I tell her I’m about to cum, she turns away from me, sticks my member between her thighs and makes the motion of doggy fucking. I managed to hold of for another minute but I eventually bust a nut in between her legs. I asked if she wanted me to continue fingering her, she smiled, stuck her hand on the spot i just came on, brought her hand to her mouth and liked it, then just walked away.

    I jerked off again in the hotel room after that. LOL

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