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Cockblogging Wednesday 192

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I don’t think I usually get jet lag when I fly within Canada
(it’s a pretty big country – 2nd in the world to Russia – but still).

But this time I feel like I’m going to bed way later than usual and not sleeping in very late…
Though who knows, maybe I’ll crash over the next few hours and sleep really late tomorrow.

just because I’m feeling displaced doesn’t mean you have to miss out on your CBW!!


Hi Shay,  Love your blog and how fun it is. I know you mentioned recently that you were running low on CBW material so I thought I’d help out. My cock is actually probably the part of my body I’m most happy and comfortable with. Hopefully you enjoy!

4 comments to Cockblogging Wednesday 192

  • james

    big dong!! big dong big dong!!!!

  • Powerpetfreak23

    Holy shit!!! That is an amazing cock!! If only it was cut… It would be perfect!! How long is it I wonder… Seven to nine inches, I think. Anyway, good job! Most men would kill for the genes you managed to get!!

  • pantoponrose

    Thanks for the post Shay! And Powerpet, I’m perfectly happy being uncut, I can’t really imagine being any other way as I find my foreskin brings a lot to sex; I’ve been the first uncut guy for most of the women I’ve been with and they’ve all been really into the differences in sensation. I’ve never had any complaints and I’m going to guess that since a few liked to have their hands on me as much as possible I must be pretty close to perfect for some people, haha. So I’m just saying that I don’t think circumcision status should factor much into this but to each their own. And I’ve had one ex measure me at 7.75″ and another at just above 8″, so good guess.

  • Amy

    That is one nice cock! I liked it so much I shared this photo with my roommate!

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