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Cockblogging Wednesday 191

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Yep it’s okay, take a moment to laugh, we’ll wait.

Good to go on now?
ok ^_~

This week’s submitter’s denim reminded me that the Calgary Stampede is currently on,
which created a great excuse for a hilarious Toy Story reference (I’m planning to see the new movie next week).
Oh man, hang on a second,
I need a moment to chuckle at my own joke again.

okay, I’m ready to show you the pic now:


Hi Shay,  I read that you were running low on pics for CBW so I would like to donate one of my own. Hope the readers enjoy it should you publish it.

Thank you sir, not only for generously participating in CBW, but ALSO for assisting me in delivering possibly the best CBW pun ever!
Wait, is this a pun or is it innuendo? hmm

Anyway, send in your CBW pix ladies and gents!!

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