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Diary of a Futa (pt 11)

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A new entry already?!

You must be pretty lucky readers!

If you want a refresher on what’s currently happening with our Futa girls, you’d better go back to part 10.
If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you might want to go all the way back
to read some of the older entries.

Other than that, I hope you enjoy!
Let me know what you think in the comment section below.


All three of us were pretty giddy when we got to the beach house – it was an adorable four bedroom place with a beautiful view of the water.  After we dropped our bags in one of the rooms, we decided to set up chairs outside and enjoy the view.

As promised, there was no one else on the beach outside; the section we were on was miles from the public beach, which we could see as we looked down the coast – dotted with people enjoying the hot and sunny weather.

“Wee!  This is going to be great!” squealed Laura pulling her top smoothly over her head and kicking off her capris to reveal the bikini she was wearing under her clothes.  I had to admit that I was excited too, I was looking forward to relaxing and having some fun without having to worry about hiding my easily excited new cock.  I slipped out of my skirt and took off my top too, before settling into a chair next to Laura.

“Hey Marny, while you’re up, pass us some beers!”  We heard Marny dutifully open the fridge inside and then open the door to the patio.  We squealed as Marny pressed the chilled bottles to our bare backs before handing us our drinks.

“Only two, aren’t you joining us Marny?” I asked

“Nah, I’ve got a really had headache from the bus, I think I’m going to lie down for a bit.”

“You know what cures headaches don’t you?” said Laura winking and pulling down her bikini bottoms a bit to reveal the tip of her soft dick.

Marny chuckled weakly.  “Seriously, I don’t think that will help me right now, I just need to lie down in the dark for an hour or so.  I’ll be okay by dinner, I’m sure.”

As Marny left we cracked open our beers and I settled back in my chair to enjoy the start of my vacation.

“I still so jealous of you,” said Laura, “I can’t believe you got that random handjob on the bus here!”

“I know! I was shocked, I don’t think I would ever jerk off some random guy, especially not on the bus!”

“But you’re not a random guy, you’re a random girl – you just happen to have a dick too.”  Laura giggled, then added more thoughtfully, “maybe it was your pheromones, the bus was pretty hot.”

“You think my crotch sends out seductive pheromones?” I laughed.

“Maybe,” said Laura with a wink as she took another sip of her beer.  She was so sly, trying to tease me when that girl was the one who started things… after I had gotten hard.

“Well maybe YOU’RE the one with naughty pheromones.  I’d better check!” I exclaimed, as I leaned over the arms of our chairs, and pressed my face to Laura’s bikini bottoms and pretended to sniff loudly.

It was supposed to be funny, except… Laura’s crotch did smell deliciously inviting.  I tugged down her bikini bottoms a bit to reveal the tip of her slowly hardening cock and popped it into my mouth.  Laura stopped laughing and groaned.

I don’t know what came over me; I’d been so horny ever since my clit turned into a pseudo-cock, that not only did it not take much to get me excited, but I was getting excited more often than ever before!  I could feel my own not-so-new cock swelling and my pussy getting hot in my own bikini bottoms as I gently sucked Laura’s cock while it got harder and harder and bigger and bigger in my mouth.

“Mmmm,” Laura moaned after a few moments, “maybe you’re right.”


“Oh noes! My pheremones are so powerful they are making you lose your memory!” Laura laughed.  I had forgotten what we had been talking about, I was so absorbed with tasting Laura’s pre-cum and trying to figure out how to get in a more comfortable position.

“Tell you what,” Laura grinned lazily, as she lustfully eyed my hardening cock, “if you keep sucking mine, I’ll suck yours.”

In what felt like seconds, we’d spread out a blanket on the deck and slipped out of our bikini bottoms.  Laura had me lay on my back and she carefully climbed on top, lowering her pussy and cock towards my face as she started to lick mine.

I reached up to grab her ass to pull her towards me and took a moment to swirl my tongue around the surface of her pretty pink pussy, remembering how much she’d enjoyed me eating her out just a few weeks before – before she’d grown a cock too.  I grinned to myself when I heard her gasp as I sucked on her labia.  Then she shifted her hips, practically forcing her cock into my mouth.

As I took her into my mouth I could feel her grab my cock in one hand and being mirroring my movement.  It was a little surreal, sucking her cock and feeling mine be stimulated in almost exactly the same way at the same time.  Which gave me an idea.

“Hang on, I want to try something”

Laura wined a little in protest, “come on, I want to get off!”

I laughed “don’t be such a brat, I have an idea and if this works you are going to be really happy – we both will be.”

“Fiiiiine” Laura teasingly gave my cock-head a rough flick with her tongue that made me gasp as she unstradled my face.  She started to sit up, but instead I had her lay on her side, still facing the opposite direction as me.

I lay on my side facing her, trying to line up our hips.  Laura caught on to my plan and shifted to slip her cock into my pussy as I slid mine into hers.  With out bodies arranged like this we could fuck each other at the same time!

My hips bucked, almost of their own accord, burying my cock deep in her pussy and pulling her deep in mine.   We moaned in unison – I could feel my own cock stretching her pussy open, I could feel her pussy gripping me, and at the same time I could feel HER cock stretching my pussy open, filling me up with her length and girth.  I don’t know which felt better, but as we thrust into each other, the two sensations started to blend into one amazing experience of fucking and being fucked.


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