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Afraid of Anal Play

My Girlfriend is into anal play. She likes to play with me in that area plus she wants me to play with her there also. I am not at all comfortable with her playing with that area on me, but it is something she really enjoys and REALLY wants to do. I just can’t let her I almost want to hit her when she tries, that is how uncomfortable with it I am. Plus is it even safe to put an unprotected hand in there? She is so into Anal play and I can do it on her but I can’t let her do it to me, what should we do?

On one hand I want to tell you to loosen up (literally) because I was raised to always give new things a chance.  Besides, it sounds like your girlfriend just wants to share something with you that she really enjoys.  There IS a lot of fun to be had by the men who are willing to try anal play – in fact, I’ve written a whole post about it HERE.  So if you just relax and open yourself to this new experience you could discover a brand-new way to enjoy your body as well as a new way to have sex with your girlfriend.
(If you’re interested, I have a whole series of posts on anal stuff HERE.)

On the other hand, I don’t think that people should have to do things in bed that they are uncomfortable with.  If you’re not ready (even if you’re never ready) to try anal play yourself, you have a right to say no – just like anyone else.  It may disappoint your girlfriend, but it’s your body and you get to decide what happens to it and what goes inside it.

You will have to talk to your girlfriend and tell her how you feel – let her know that you’re not ready (and that you may never be ready) to let her put even her pinky finger up your bum, but that you’re happy to stimulate her anally if that’s what she’d like.

I hope that helps!

6 comments to Afraid of Anal Play

  • Nate

    Sounds like an awesome girlfriend to me!

  • Sem

    I’ll second that! Some guys don’t know how lucky they have it. Lighten up and see where she takes you.

  • Darth

    As awesome as his GF sounds, I really can’t blame the guy for being uncomfortable with the idea of it. He’s definitely missing out, but it’s his choice in the matter.

  • Isahia Bradley

    THanks Shay it does help I told her I’m not comfortable and she tries her best to respect it but from time to time dhd will try it again and you posted this on my birthday thanks for the gift lol

  • Pisit

    This Guy is so Stupid !!! If I were him , I would let her do her Best in my Anus . Do everything to me like Pegging , Rimming and Anal Fingering ( Deeply ) in my Anus .

    I always want the Girlfriend who love Anal Stimulate & Sex to me . I LOVE IT , always love Anal Play !!!!

  • psylon

    Yes I agree dude lighten up anal play isn’t that bad and contrary to what a lot of straight men think it doesn’t hurt, all you have to do is literally relax down there and you’ll be moaning like a woman

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